Dave Bogan and Steve Purcell talk about stuff

Posted on August 2007 by TelltaleGames

The Adventure Company, publishers of the Season One retail CD, have released video interviews with Dave Bogan, Telltale's art director, and Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell. These are snippets of the footage TAC shot when they visited our (old) office to film the behind-the-scenes featurette that comes as part of the retail release.

Watch them, and be enlightened.



Sam & Max at retail! Right now!

Posted on August 2007 by TelltaleGames

I would have written this blog a week ago, but my repeated attempts to get pictures of Sam & Max Season One on a retail shelf were comically thwarted. But today the planets aligned...

I took these pictures at the Best Buy in San Rafael. Also, over the weekend Jake picked up a copy of the game at Fry's in Campbell. He forgot to take a picture, but he did get a thumbs-up from the Fry's employee who checked his bag on his way out!

Now we want to know where you've seen Sam & Max. There's an updated list of retailers carrying the game below, and these stores have locations all over North America. If you've seen Sam & Max in a store, please write in and let us know where it was. Better yet, take a picture! (Thumbs-up is optional but strongly encouraged.) Send it to us at sightings@telltalegames.com and we'll tack it up on this big map we're going to hang on the office wall for this very purpose.

Read on for where you can pick up Season One at retail...[readmore]

Sam & Max Season One can be purchased at...

Best Buy Canada

Comp USA

Electronics Boutique Canada

Future Shop

Hollywood Video


London Drugs


Nebraska Furniture Mart
Office Max

Toys R'Us Canada


Wal*Mart Canada

Best Buy
Circuit City





(And don't forget Amazon.com.)

Our PAX plans

Posted on August 2007 by TelltaleGames

Telltale will be at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle August 24-26, showing off Sam & Max Season Two and speaking at a bazillion panels. Here's where you'll find us...

On the Expo Floor * Visit us at Booth 114

Check out our current games, pick up some merchandise, and get a first look at the new Sam & Max episodes with the exclusive premiere of the Season Two cinematic trailer. We'll also be doing Season Two gameplay demos throughout the weekend!


Signing: Dave Grossman and Ron Gilbert -- Saturday, August 25th * 12:00 at Telltale's Booth (114)

Adventure game legends Dave Grossman and Ron Gilbert will be at the booth to sign game boxes, napkins, scraps of paper, and even body parts if that's your thing. Always wanted to ask some dorky question about a Secret of Monkey Island in-joke? Now's your chance.

Panel: 'Build a Sam & Max Episode with Telltale' -- Saturday, August 25 * 3:00pm to 4:00pm in Satellite Theater A

If you only go to one panel at PAX, make it this one. Telltale's design leads Dave Grossman and Brendan Ferguson take the stage with CTO Kevin Bruner, technical art director Jon Sgro, and choreographer Marco Brezzo to create some Sam & Max content on the fly. You bring the ideas, we'll bring the cynicism. The result may just be hilarious.

Panel: 'Once Upon a Time... Storytelling in Games Today' -- Friday, August 24th * 2:30pm to 3:30pm in Satellite Theater A

Telltale's design director (and resident storyteller) Dave Grossman joins fellow LucasArts alum Ron Gilbert and Nate Fox of Suckerpunch to talk about the unique opportunities games provide for telling a good story.

Panel: 'Community and PR in the Game Industry' -- Friday, August 24th * 7:00pm to 8:00pm in Satellite Theater C

"The hardcore community can be snarky and unpredictable yet is still the most sought after audience by game publishers." Ahh, but we love them anyway. Telltale's marketing chick Emily Morganti joins Victor Wachter (Cryptic Studios), Michael Meyers (MMPR), and Carolyn Carnes (Ubisoft) to share our views on game PR.

Panel: 'Why Episodic Gaming is Picking Up Steam' -- Friday, August 24th * 8:30pm to 9:30pm in Satellite Theater A

Sam & Max, Penny Arcade Adventures, Half Life -- episodic games have been a hot topic lately, and a few companies are leading the way in figuring out everything it can be. Representatives from Telltale, Hothead, and Valve get together to talk about what the episodic model means for gamers and for the industry.

Case file status

Posted on August 2007 by TelltaleGames

We're getting a lot of questions on the forums about when the case files will ship, so here's a little update:

This is the first batch, that will be going out to our warehouse in tomorrow's mail and will ship to the first 500 or so customers who ordered case files starting next week. We are working as fast as we can to stuff the rest!

The new poster prints and a whole bunch of t-shirts are shipping to the warehouse tomorrow, too, if you're waiting for one of those items.

Season two video!

Posted on August 2007 by TelltaleGames

We put this video together for our Comic-Con panel and thought you fans would probably like to see it, too, so here's an early look at one of Season Two's new characters doing her thing...

If you're one of those who likes to watch promo videos over and over, grab the QuickTime version.

Also in completely unrelated news, Dank's back!

Comic-Con part deux

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

On Sunday morning, a miracle happened. We checked out of the hotel, climbed into the car, and found... the camera bag! It had been hiding under the back seat the whole time. Lame.

We vowed to spend our last hours traveling the show floor to bring you nothing but the highest quality Comic-Con content, but before we set out on this quest, Max Allan Collins stopped by our booth with his son, Nate. You might not know the name, but if you're a Telltale fan you probably know his work -- Max writes the dialogue for the CSI games. We got him caught up on the status of Hard Evidence (coming to PC, Xbox 360, and Wii this fall, if you haven't been paying attention), and showed him the trailer that was released last week. We offered them a copy of 3 Dimensions of Murder, but not only do they already own that one, it turns out that Nate is also a Sam & Max fan and Season One subscriber. The kid's got taste.

The time had come to explore new ground, so Jake and I grabbed the camera and got moving. Our first stop was Steve's booth, four aisles away from ours. It was super convenient to have him so nearby. We'd been running over there throughout the show, dropping off Max for President pins and printed Interlopers, and he'd been sending people our way to check out the games. Steve even stashed the Sam & Max costume in his booth when it wasn't being worn because he had more space than us. (It was a little creepy, sitting there on the floor like a life-sized doll...)

As usual, the area around Steve's booth was crowded with fans waiting to get a book or print signed, so we lurked behind them and snapped pictures while no one was looking. In addition to the new street prints based on the Season One DVD cover, Steve had his last copies of some older prints with him, including the office print that used to be in our store and the art from the Hit the Road box. He also brought several pieces of original art, one of which was the cover of the Season One soundtrack.

Steve signing things, and receiving his Eisner from the Pope in a recreation of Friday night's award ceremony.

On Friday, we'd been told by one of the guys at Hothead that a Fone Bone costume was roaming the floor, so we decided to seek it out at Scholastic's booth. As we were walking, we came upon a Bone poster in one of the booths, with a long line of people queued up under it. "Wouldn't it be funny if Jeff Smith was here doing a signing?" I said. We rounded the corner, and lo and behold, there was Jeff Smith doing a signing. All during the show we'd heard from people that he was around, but we hadn't run into him yet and didn't realize he had his own booth. (Failure!) He was going to be around for a little while, so we said we'd be back and made our way over to Scholastic.

The Scholastic booth was like a little bookstore, with tons of Bone and Harry Potter stuff set out. We ran into a woman named Cathy, who works with the Scholastic Book Fairs in San Diego. Coincidentally, it turned out Cathy was the lucky soul who had been wearing the Bone costume during the show. We arranged a rendez-vous with our Sam & Max costume at Jeff's booth and elbowed our way back there to watch the magic unfold.

Seeing the two costumes together was really... weird. The camera inside the Bone costume wasn't working, so Cathy couldn't see anything when she was inside it. She was being escorted by her son and Steve Hamaker (who does the coloring of the Bone books), but even so, she couldn't stay in the suit for too long at a time. It took a little while for Nick to get the guy in our suit over to Steve's booth and for a few minutes it looked like the two costumes would never meet, like two ships passing in the night (or something), but then they showed up and the magic happened. People swarmed around snapping pictures, kids and grown-ups alike, shouting, "Oh look, it's Sam & Max!" and/or "Oh look, it's Bone!" (plus the occasional, "hey, is that Casper?"). It was a very surreal Comic-Con moment.

Our next stop was the Penny Arcade booth, where Gabe and Tycho were signing. We had a little chat with Jerry (aka Tycho) about the Sam & Max games and the upcoming Penny Arcade games, and then Mike (aka Gabe) drew in our sketchbook.

Left to right: Steve's drawing of Sam & Max in my Surfin' the Highway, Gabe's rendition of Sam & Max and a drawing of his own, Fone Bone courtesy of Jeff Smith.

Last but not least, we hit the Flight booth to check out the newest book, which contains a story by Telltale's good friend Graham Annable. Daniel was hoping to meet the editor, who's a high school friend of his wife's, but the booth was mobbed and we ended up just standing around awkwardly looking at the books. I plugged Flight at last year's Comic-Con and I'll do it again: this is a beautiful compilation, with a little something for everyone inside. I didn't buy it because I'd already spent all my money at Jeff's booth (on the One Volume Edition and a Fone Bone plush toy!), but I'm regretting it now.

So that's it for Comic-Con 2007. Well, not it it, because this week Nick's working on piecing together all the video he shot, but that's it for blogs. Oh, except I almost forgot to mention that the new sketchbook and poster print are now in the store...

Comic-Con Adventures, 2007 edition

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

From left to right: Dave Grossman, Mike Stemmle, and Steve Purcell. Photo care of Mike Stemmle's camera.

The story so far: Last Friday, we loaded up Jake's parents' Highlander with all the merchandise we would be selling at Comic-Con and he drove down to San Diego. The rest of us followed on airplanes a few days later, with the end result of eight Telltalians converging on Comic-Con City by Wednesday night. On Thursday, we realized we couldn't find the camera we'd so diligently packed anywhere. On Friday, Jake remembered he's packed a second camera, but that, too, had mysteriously vanished. This left us, at around two o'clock on Friday, defeated by the fact that our attempts to blog from Comic-Con would be depressingly without graphics. Which, as everyone knows, is a boring way to blog.

Elsewhere in San Diego, Mr. and Mrs. Herrera (parents of Daniel) were on their way to visit their son at the convention with a digital camera in tow. They let us borrow it, and we took a bunch of pictures of our booth and the Sam & Max costume and the LucasArts booth where every single game they ever made was encased in glass. But then! We tried to get the pictures off the card reader and somehow ended up with a corrupt file system on the memory card, effectively wiping out all the pictures we'd taken, as well as years' worth of Herrera family memories. (We're sorry.)

But then!! We had a signing at our booth with Steve Purcell, Dave Grossman, and Mike Stemmle, and Mike had a camera that he let us use. So now we have pictures, and this blog can finally be posted. Horray!

A picture taken for us by a fan named Allen Barrett, at the height of the Great Camera Despair of 2007. From left to right: Chuck, Jake, Dave, Daniel, Doug, Theodore, Emily, demo machine.

Camera woes aside, it's been a good show. On Thursday morning, we did our panel with Hothead Games, developers of the Penny Arcade Adventures. Chris Remo of Shacknews was the moderator. It was really interesting to hear Hothead's perspective because what they're doing -- and their philosophy in general -- is really similar to ours. It's like looking in a mirror (or, more accurately, looking back a year to the time right before we released the first episode of Sam & Max…)

During the panel, we teased the audience with a few concepts from Season Two and a brand new render. What, you want to see them too? Well, here you go!

On Thursday afternoon, we tried out the full-sized Sam & Max costume for the first time. We had been told the suit was built for a 5'9" wearer, so we found a guy who's 5'9" to wear it. Unfortunately for all involved, the suit is actually built for someone who's 5'6", so the pants are a little funky. But all in all it looks great, and it's hilarious to see a great big Sam lumbering around. He can't get very far without being stopped by a gaggle of picture-taking admirers, and small children run up and spontaneously hug him. (Much better than bursting into tears, which is what I was afraid of.)

Sam posing with Playboy's Miss November 1998 and a small boy. Welcome to Comic-Con. Also: Sam and Max posing with Nick, and with Mike Stemmle. Click a thumbnail for even more costume and signing pics!

Intern Nick has been following the Sam suit around with a video camera but we forgot to bring a firewire cable with us, so you'll have to wait until next week to see the spoils of these excursions. Here's a hint: Mega Man is involved.

As far as merchandise goes, we have pretty much everything we sell in our well-stocked store, plus a few new goodies. Following up on last year's The Age of S & M (which is still available right here in Telltale's store), Steve released a new sketchbook this year, called The Effigy Mound. Back by popular demand are cringe-worthy requests from the censors on the cartoon show ("Sorry, but the flatulence jokes are still unacceptable."), plus concept art and a bunch of other neat stuff most people in the world have never seen before. We also have a brand new print here, based on the art Steve did for the Season One Bonus DVD.

We know, we know, it's just not fair that we're at Comic-Con with brand new sketchbooks and a brand new print, and you're not. We can't stand to make you mad, so here's a compromise: we'll be adding the new sketchbook and print to the store in the very near future. (We would have added it already, but things like setting up products in the store are unbelievably annoying when you're in San Diego mooching off some other booth's wireless internet...)

The signing was well attended, with lots of adventure game fanboys (and girls) showing up to have discs, sketchbooks, and prints signed. I used the opportunity to get Steve to sign my copy of Surfin' the Highway (I'll scan the picture and post it once I get back home, because it's awesome.)

One last little gem: Steve's Sam & Max webcomic was up for Best Digital Comic in Friday night's Eisner Awards... and and he won! He got a trophy and everything. We'd take a picture of it for you to see... if only we had a camera.

Sam & Max Season Two news!

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

Not to be outdone by this week's CSI announcements, Sam & Max are elbowing their way back into the news with the official word that Season Two is a reality, and it'll be coming to GameTap and Telltale's website this fall. To celebrate the announcement, here's a brand new render featuring a character and environment you've never seen before.

One big difference this time around is that the episodes will be available from Telltale's site just one day after their exclusive launch on GameTap, instead of 15 days. For more details and quotes from important people, read the press release.

In other news, Comic-Con starts tomorrow, and we'll be covering the show with frantic blog postings throughout the weekend. We'll also be releasing some more Season Two stuff and adding new Sam & Max merch to the store. Come back with your wallet!

(Also, for anyone who's wondering, History of Sam & Max part four is on its way. Jake's already in San Diego and he ran into some problems posting it remotely, but those should get straightened out later today.)

CSI: Hard Evidence -- it lives!

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

After months and months of coy smiles and clever aversions, we can finally confirm that yes, we are still working on CSI: Hard Evidence, and there's more going on than meets the eye. Ubisoft officially announced today that in addition to the PC version, Hard Evidence will be simultaneously released on Xbox 360 and Wii -- and we're the ones putting the console releases together!

These are our first console releases, and it's been super exciting to get the tools working on the consoles... not to mention the technical improvements, like widescreen support, that will also make it into the PC version as a result. Releases on all three platforms are scheduled for this fall, so very soon you'll get to see how cool it is, too!

Until then, here are some new screenshots to make you giddy with excitement, in all their widescreen glory...

Another CSI goodie will be coming your way on this very blog tomorrow, so be sure to check back then!

Sam & Max coming to retail real soon...

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

When was the last time you walked into your retailer of choice, plucked a Sam & Max game off the shelf, and bought it on the spot? If your answer is "Way back in 1993" (or alternatively "I had no spending money in 1993" or "I lived on a desert island in 1993" or "I wasn't even born yet in 1993"), you're in luck. Starting this August, Sam & Max will be showing their pretty little faces in retail stores for the first time since we were all wearing parachute pants.

For your convenience, we've put together this handy list of North American retailers who will be carrying the games.

Best Buy


Future Shop


Fred Meyer

Fry's Electronics

Circuit City


EB Games Canada

What's that? Too lazy to walk into a store and dig out your wallet? Why not preorder now at Amazon? You'll still have to dig out your wallet, but there's none of that pesky walking involved!

In addition to the spiffy box pictured above (we know how you fans love your spiffy boxes), the retail release includes the 6-episode Season One on CD, along with a bonus CD cram-packed with a behind-the-scenes video and other extras. Plus you get a poster version of the cover art Steve did for the August 2006 Computer Gaming World cover right inside the box!

(Note that this retail release is completely different than the bonus DVD we put together for our Season One customers. What's a self-respecting Sam & Max fan to do? Why, get them both, of course!)

Sam & Max in a box on retail shelves. It's the day you thought would never come. You have permission to weep openly.

Season One bonus DVD is now shipping!

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

So yesterday we got a whole bunch of Season One DVDs delivered to the office, and this morning I got confirmation that the other half of the order had arrived at the warehouse. By this afternoon, customers were telling us they've received shipping notifications. So, yey! The discs are on their way! (Picture of all the boxes we received to follow tomorrow, since I left it on my computer at work and am posting this from home...)

Just in case you're curious, here's the status of some other merchandise you may have on your order...

  • T-shirts and hats were backordered for a little while but they're back in stock now.

  • Season One soundtracks shipped out from the manufacturer today and should arrive at the warehouse next week.

  • Case files are going to be delayed a little bit due to Comic-Con. If all goes well, we'll send those to the warehouse the week of July 30 and they'll ship out the following week.

  • Bone 1 and 2 Director's Cut CDs are on schedule to ship to the warehouse next week, and will probably start going out to customers the week of July 30. (Finally!)

Stuff you buy from our store will always be sent out in one shipment, so if you're waiting for something that's backordered (like a case file), the whole order will be held until the items are all in stock.

Also... we will be adding still more Sam & Max-related merch to the store during or soon after Comic-Con. Can you stand it?!

Summer of Sam & Max: The scourge of soda abuse

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

The Summer of Sam & Max is barreling along, well over the half-way mark now, with no sign of stopping!

What's happening this week: This week brings all things Episode 4: Three new commentary tracks - one by the design team, one by the development team, and one by the guys at Bay Area Sound - as well as the usual bevvy of concept art, a Q&A with Dave Grossman, and Brendan's latest "Play it Again" list of the dusty corners you might have missed on your first Abe Lincoln playthrough.

The reason you care: This update is also a momentous occasion because it's the first one to feature an appearance on the commentary tracks by yours truly, mumbling about the war song or something. Everyone else is extremely insightful and entertaining, and totally unafraid to mention every time Sam or Max does a "point up" animation, so you should probably get watching while the watching is good.


Bonus marketing message: Of course, it's also worth mentioning that all the video content appearing during the Summer of Sam & Max is also available in super high quality archival form as part of the Season One disc which we're selling on our store! (or giving to you for free if you already bought the full Season One download set)

The disc has all six episodes of the game (free of online activation to boot!) along with a DVD video layer containing all the aforementioned Summer commentary tracks, as well as trailers, machinima shorts, and a bunch of other video goodies you'll have to find for yourself. So, check that out, too.

Telltale @ San-Diego Comic-Con

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

Ahh, Comic-Con. Words cannot express how I feel about the fact that it's only two weeks away. Right now we're all a little stressed out, crunching to get the merchandise ready and set up meetings and figure out who's going to wear this, but once we get there, I know it will all be worth it. And with some luck you'll know it, too, because we'll blog all about it while we're there!

So, are you going to be in hot San Diego two weeks from now, basking in the geeky comic goodness? If the answer's "yes!", here's where you'll be able to find us...

Panel: 'Episodic Games and Comics - Made for Each Other' -- Thursday July 26th * 11:30am to 12:30pm in Room 1AB

With episodic gaming emerging as a new medium for storytelling, it's no surprise that comic licenses are a great fit. Telltale Games and Hothead Games are leading the way with episodic series based on popular comics -- Telltale with Sam & Max: Season One and Hothead with the upcoming Penny Arcade Adventures. Join members of both teams, along with Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell, to hear the ins and outs of adapting a comic license into an interactive experience, and find out why playing your favorite comic series can be so much fun.

On the Show Floor -- Telltale Games: Booth 635 * Steve Purcell: Booth 1032

Check out Telltale's booth for lots of new merchandise, including various Season One goodies and the long awaited CD versions of the Bone Director's Cuts. Steve will also have new (non-game related) Sam & Max merchandise for sale!

Signing: Steve Purcell, Dave Grossman, Mike Stemmle -- Saturday, July 28th * 1:00pm at Telltale's Booth (635)

Three adventure game legends at one table. Bring your old game boxes and get them signed! And be sure to come loaded with geeky questions about Hit the Road / Monkey Island / Day of the Tentacle / etc. so you can dazzle Steve, Mike, and Dave with your dedication.

(If you don't have boxes or don't want to mar them with signatures, they could always sign the back of a napkin or something. But getting your game box signed would be oh so much cooler...)

Sam & Max Hit it Big: History of Sam & Max Part 3

Posted on July 2007 by TelltaleGames

I'm sure everyone reading this religiously checks the Summer of Sam & Max page religiously every Tuesday afternoon, knowing that there's guaranteed new never-before-seen Sam & Max content waiting for them, and therefore you were all disappointed yesterday afternoon to find the page tragically devoid of new stuff. Whoops. Let's just say the new piece - the History of Sam & Max Part 3 - went up at 3 am this morning. Ho ho, that was fun, I can tell you. Anyway, eat, and enjoy.

This week's installment in our chronicle of Sam & Max's long and tumultuous past is all about the mid to late 90s, and Sam & Max's brief flirtation with mass-culture fame and fortune, in the form of a 150 page trade paperback comic compilation and, of course, their animated Saturday morning cartoon on the Fox Kids programming block.

Check it out! It won't disappoint! Thanks as usual to Emily and to Steve Purcell for rifling through the archives and putting this all together.

What? WHAT?! Surfin' the Highway coming back in print?!!

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

Surely I'm joking.

Oh, no, we don't joke about things like this.

Sam & Max are turning 20 this year (I know, they don't look a day over 19...) and to celebrate, Steve Purcell and Telltale are bringing back the complete Sam & Max collection, Surfin' the Highway, for your extreme reading pleasure. It'll be printed later this year and available in Telltale's very own store.

In addition to the same ooey, gooey goodness of the original, the new edition of Surfin' the Highway will feature some brand spanking new content (mostly stuff that's come out in the 10+ years since the book was originally published) and a new cover. Plus you won't have to trade an arm, a leg, and your first born child to get your hands on it. Good stuff.

Check out the official press release, and/or send us an email to request a notification when the book shows up in the store.

The bonus disc is here!

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

By "here", of course, I mean "in the store". As in, right here. No fooling.

Along with the disc, we slipped some other new merchandise into the store today, including a 2-CD soundtrack featuring most of the game's awesome music, and a little treasure we're calling the Season One Case File -- a bunch of trinkets of the sort they used to include in adventure game boxes in the days of yore. (Sorry for the cartoon mockup... we'll have actual pictures of the case file items soon!)

All of this new stuff (DVD included) is being manufactured right now, and it should be ready in late July. But we just couldn't wait to any longer to show it to you guys.

Also up today - The History of Sam & Max, part deux! Go read it. You'll be glad you did.

UPDATE: Some people have expressed concern over the fact that the disc shows as "backordered" or "not in stock" or something to that effect in the confirmation email. Don't worry! The disc is being manufactured right now, so it's not in stock yet. We have not run out of DVDs. You will get yours. Everything is fine.

Season one disc: The proof is in the pudding

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

I know a lot of Season One subscribers have been clawing at us for news on the disc, so here's a bit! This morning, the printers sent us final proofs for the Season One bonus disc packaging artwork, and I'm pretty happy with it, so I figured I'd share.

We're approving these today, which means that the printing guys can fire up all of their large whirring machinery that looks like it fell out of a 1930s Superman cartoon, and start barfing out discs like there's no tomorrow.

When can Season One customers get the disc? Next week! Emails will go out to all Season One customers with a link to a special order page on our store, where you enter your order number (also included in the email) and watch as a "$0" version of the disc is added to your shopping cart. Hint: the new page will be here. (If you haven't yet bought the downloadable Season One because you were holding out for the bonus disc version, you'll be able to buy it all in one swoop for the standard $34.95 at that point as well) So, next week keep your eyes on your inbox, or on this blog, for news of when the order page goes up.

Summer of Sam & Max on your... computer?

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

Coming soon?
Some of you may have noticed earlier this week (the planned Tuesday release date, even), the Summer of Sam & Max page got updated, and is now sporting commentary tracks for Situation: Comedy. If you haven't given them a listen, I suggest you do so now. With a track by the designers, a track by the production team, and a track by the music and sound guys, it offers unparalleled insight into the development process behind the game, and also probably points out how you can see Myra's legs sticking out from beneath the TV set for a sec.

Also, we're getting into the Web 2.0 with an all-new video Podcast feed of the commentary tracks! Visit the Summer of Sam & Max front page, and look towards the top for both an iTunes link, and a direct link to the RSS feed. These should play in your video podcast/feed reader of choice, as well as things like iPods, and, for the saucy ones, AppleTVs. We're totally vlogging 2007 style!! It's the future. Coming soon: VRML commentary browser! Bring your enormous wire-laden foam gloves and oversize mirrored 3D goggles; it'll be amazing!

CSI designer Greg Land speaking tonight in L.A.

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

Greg, the lead writer/designer on our CSI games, will be speaking tonight in L.A. about game writing. Okay, so it's kind of short notice and you can only go if you're a Writer's Guild of America or New Media Caucus member, but on the off chance that you fit those criteria and you're free tonight, here are the details...


Wednesday, 6/20, 6:30 p.m. - WGAW Multipurpose Room.

Writers will hear about game writing and narrative issues unique to interactive media from a panel of leading game industry experts in a lively discussion on the development team, the stages of the development arc in games, the similarities and differences with the development of features, and how the writer fits into the whole process complete with audience Q&A. Panelists: Greg Land (Lead Writer/Designer of the CSI franchise of games at Telltale Games), Matt Costello (7th Guest, DOOM 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3) and Deborah Todd (author, Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light, and writer, 101 Dalmatians, Anastasia and Blue's Clues). Open to WGA and New Media Caucus members.

Sam & Max have a history

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

The Summer of Sam & Max continues barreling along its pre-scheduled path without delay.* This week we bring you the first in a four part series documenting the history of Sam & Max, from their childhood inception (and subsequent thievery) to those episodic games you enjoyed a couple months ago. We're calling it The History of Sam & Max, if you can believe it.

The series is being compiled by Emily and Steve Purcell, and though it features anecdotes many fans may find familiar, the included artwork is mostly stuff that hasn't seen the light outside Steve's flat files (or parents' attic) in decades.

So, without further ado, dig in, and enjoy.

* With minor delays.

The Summer of Sam & Max has officially begun!

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

Well… mostly. Check it out here.

Yeah, we know it's two days late and the Culture Shock stuff isn't all there yet. But only because we're perfectionists. And now you have something to look forward to for tomorrow!

In other news, The Adventure Company and JoWooD have announced some details about their North American and European retail releases of Season 1, which will be hitting store shelves (with a resounding smack) in August. Read all about it in
the official press release

Season 1 customers: This retail release is not the same as the DVD we're working around the clock to bring to you as soon as humanly possible. There's a little overlap, and then there's some stuff that's only on our DVD and some that's only on the retail release. And, you know, we didn't plan it this way, but it might mean that some of you die-hards out there end up getting them both. I know I would. But I'm a crazy fangirl that way.

Wow. Was it just twelve thirteen short months ago that Sam & Max made their splashy return at E3? What a difference a year makes...

EDIT: The rest of the Culture Shock content is now up. Go see it!

Whoa ho, what's this? A blog update!

Posted on May 2007 by TelltaleGames

Yes, we've been lax with the blog since episode 6 launched. I blame it on a combination of being shell shocked and being totally swamped putting together the awesome bonus DVD that will be available to season customers next month.* But a blog can only lie fallow for so long, so here we are, with grand tidings of all the great content you have to look forward to. Such as...

  • The Summer of Season One! Just like a TV series goes into reruns in the summer, we're bringing back Season One so everyone can experience it again for the first second nth time. Starting next week, we will release a boatload of Season One content every other week, including commentary from the development team and concept art you probably haven't seen yet.

  • Sam & Max Through the Years! On the weeks we're not posting new Season One content, we'll have some Sam & Max history pieces peppered with art provided by Steve Purcell. We've been planning to do this for months (hence the "Coming Soon" square on the Sam & Max page that's been there since October...), but now that I've told you guys about it, there's no turning back. Three cheers for deadlines!

  • The return of the Telltale Interloper! It's been a long time since our last issue, and with Season 1 behind us, the weary web team should finally have some time to bring the monthly newsletter back to life. Watch for it in email starting next week(ish), and if you're planning to be at Comic-Con or PAX, be sure to stop by our booth for the collectable printed edition. If you're not signed up for our newsletter (or if it's been so long you can't remember), head over to your account settings and make it happen.

  • Comic-Con and PAX! That's right, we're doing two big shows this summer: Comic-Con at the end of July in San Diego, and PAX at the end of August in Seattle. We're cooking up a ton of cool stuff in the way of panels and booth activities. Watch this space for more info as the dates get closer. Until then, you can feast your eyes on this very scientific mock-up of how we expect our Comic-Con booth to look.

  • New merchandise in the store! Just today we've added Dave Grossman's book of poetry, Ode to the Stuff in the Sink. Very soon we'll have some more cool stuff to announce.

  • More random contests! Because everyone loves a contest.

EDIT JUNE 7: Yey! Summer's here!

*By the way, if you want the DVD, there's no need to email in and ask for it. When it's available in the store we'll make it very clear how Season 1 customers can get the disc. Until then, just sit tight... it's coming!

Season 1 contest winners revealed!

Posted on May 2007 by TelltaleGames

So, we had this Season 1 tribute contest, and we got a bunch of great entries. In fact, we couldn't choose just three winners, so we extended it to five. We're fickle around here.

Without further ado, we bring you... the winners!

Season 1 Cast Party

by Junaid Chundrigar

All the Season 1 characters, together at last. I think Bessie playing the Bluster Blaster is a nice touch.


Sam & Max Guernica

by Ryan Lemence

A Sam & Maxification of a famous Picasso. View the text version here.

Paper COPS

by LuigiHann

Luigi started with the Bluster Blaster, then ammended his entry to include the other three COPS. Templates included, so you can make your own!

Template 1 | Template 2

rel="/mediabrowser/27057067/screenshots?TB_iframe=true&width=620&height=565">Click here for a whole gallery of COPS pictures!


The Honorary Brendan Q. Ferguson Blades of Stenchtar Award goes to...

Sam & Max Card Game

by José Luis Montesinos

This entry started out with just three cards, but when it was expanded to 13, we couldn't say no.

rel="/mediabrowser/27061420/screenshots?TB_iframe=true&width=620&height=565">Click here to see the full set!


The More than Jerks Achievement in A Capella Award goes to...

Mafia Free You and Me

by Aaron Zemach

When Telltale slacked off on putting up an MP3 of the Ted E. Bear theme song in spite of repeated requests from the fans, this guy took matters into his own hands.

Click to hear his rendition!

Whew! So there they are. Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to the winners! We'll send your prize Season 1 DVD when we get them in stock.