Sam & Max have a history

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

The Summer of Sam & Max continues barreling along its pre-scheduled path without delay.* This week we bring you the first in a four part series documenting the history of Sam & Max, from their childhood inception (and subsequent thievery) to those episodic games you enjoyed a couple months ago. We're calling it The History of Sam & Max, if you can believe it.

The series is being compiled by Emily and Steve Purcell, and though it features anecdotes many fans may find familiar, the included artwork is mostly stuff that hasn't seen the light outside Steve's flat files (or parents' attic) in decades.

So, without further ado, dig in, and enjoy.

* With minor delays.

The Summer of Sam & Max has officially begun!

Posted on June 2007 by TelltaleGames

Well… mostly. Check it out here.

Yeah, we know it's two days late and the Culture Shock stuff isn't all there yet. But only because we're perfectionists. And now you have something to look forward to for tomorrow!

In other news, The Adventure Company and JoWooD have announced some details about their North American and European retail releases of Season 1, which will be hitting store shelves (with a resounding smack) in August. Read all about it in
the official press release

Season 1 customers: This retail release is not the same as the DVD we're working around the clock to bring to you as soon as humanly possible. There's a little overlap, and then there's some stuff that's only on our DVD and some that's only on the retail release. And, you know, we didn't plan it this way, but it might mean that some of you die-hards out there end up getting them both. I know I would. But I'm a crazy fangirl that way.

Wow. Was it just twelve thirteen short months ago that Sam & Max made their splashy return at E3? What a difference a year makes...

EDIT: The rest of the Culture Shock content is now up. Go see it!

Whoa ho, what's this? A blog update!

Posted on May 2007 by TelltaleGames

Yes, we've been lax with the blog since episode 6 launched. I blame it on a combination of being shell shocked and being totally swamped putting together the awesome bonus DVD that will be available to season customers next month.* But a blog can only lie fallow for so long, so here we are, with grand tidings of all the great content you have to look forward to. Such as...

  • The Summer of Season One! Just like a TV series goes into reruns in the summer, we're bringing back Season One so everyone can experience it again for the first second nth time. Starting next week, we will release a boatload of Season One content every other week, including commentary from the development team and concept art you probably haven't seen yet.

  • Sam & Max Through the Years! On the weeks we're not posting new Season One content, we'll have some Sam & Max history pieces peppered with art provided by Steve Purcell. We've been planning to do this for months (hence the "Coming Soon" square on the Sam & Max page that's been there since October...), but now that I've told you guys about it, there's no turning back. Three cheers for deadlines!

  • The return of the Telltale Interloper! It's been a long time since our last issue, and with Season 1 behind us, the weary web team should finally have some time to bring the monthly newsletter back to life. Watch for it in email starting next week(ish), and if you're planning to be at Comic-Con or PAX, be sure to stop by our booth for the collectable printed edition. If you're not signed up for our newsletter (or if it's been so long you can't remember), head over to your account settings and make it happen.

  • Comic-Con and PAX! That's right, we're doing two big shows this summer: Comic-Con at the end of July in San Diego, and PAX at the end of August in Seattle. We're cooking up a ton of cool stuff in the way of panels and booth activities. Watch this space for more info as the dates get closer. Until then, you can feast your eyes on this very scientific mock-up of how we expect our Comic-Con booth to look.

  • New merchandise in the store! Just today we've added Dave Grossman's book of poetry, Ode to the Stuff in the Sink. Very soon we'll have some more cool stuff to announce.

  • More random contests! Because everyone loves a contest.

EDIT JUNE 7: Yey! Summer's here!

*By the way, if you want the DVD, there's no need to email in and ask for it. When it's available in the store we'll make it very clear how Season 1 customers can get the disc. Until then, just sit tight... it's coming!

Season 1 contest winners revealed!

Posted on May 2007 by TelltaleGames

So, we had this Season 1 tribute contest, and we got a bunch of great entries. In fact, we couldn't choose just three winners, so we extended it to five. We're fickle around here.

Without further ado, we bring you... the winners!

Season 1 Cast Party

by Junaid Chundrigar

All the Season 1 characters, together at last. I think Bessie playing the Bluster Blaster is a nice touch.


Sam & Max Guernica

by Ryan Lemence

A Sam & Maxification of a famous Picasso. View the text version here.

Paper COPS

by LuigiHann

Luigi started with the Bluster Blaster, then ammended his entry to include the other three COPS. Templates included, so you can make your own!

Template 1 | Template 2

rel="/mediabrowser/27057067/screenshots?TB_iframe=true&width=620&height=565">Click here for a whole gallery of COPS pictures!


The Honorary Brendan Q. Ferguson Blades of Stenchtar Award goes to...

Sam & Max Card Game

by José Luis Montesinos

This entry started out with just three cards, but when it was expanded to 13, we couldn't say no.

rel="/mediabrowser/27061420/screenshots?TB_iframe=true&width=620&height=565">Click here to see the full set!


The More than Jerks Achievement in A Capella Award goes to...

Mafia Free You and Me

by Aaron Zemach

When Telltale slacked off on putting up an MP3 of the Ted E. Bear theme song in spite of repeated requests from the fans, this guy took matters into his own hands.

Click to hear his rendition!

Whew! So there they are. Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to the winners! We'll send your prize Season 1 DVD when we get them in stock.

Sam & Max MP3 assault - four new tracks!

Posted on May 2007 by TelltaleGames

Another month, another batch of great Sam & Max soundtrack MP3s from our composer Jared Emerson-Johnson. We've got music from three environments - two from Reality 2.0, one from Bright Side of the Moon - and as a nice treat, a piece of cutscene music as well! On the list this time:
  • Bosco's 2.0 MP3: Bosco's Inconvenience in all of its 8-bit glory, as seen (and heard) in Reality 2.0.

  • Lefty's 2.0 MP3: The virtual control center for Sam & Max's region of Reality 2.0.

  • Roy G. Biv MP3: Music from the closing cutscene to Reality 2.0, wherein Max kills and subsequently slaps around the internet, Sam waxes dramatical, and they decide to go get something to eat.

  • Moonscape MP3: From the lunar surface, in episode 6, Bright Side of the Moon.
Enjoy! As always, you can find these tracks and more over at the Sam & Max Soundtracks page. Happy listening!

Bonus Contest Update: As a side note, new entries for the Ultimate Contest are now closed. Thanks to everyone who put something together, you made some awesome stuff! Winners will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Ultimate Contest update - less than a day left!

Posted on May 2007 by TelltaleGames

Hey guys! Just wanted to remind you that there's less than a day left to send in your entries for the "do something cool involving Sam & Max, win a free season set" contest, so if you're working on something awesome, hurry up! We've received some promising entries so far, but surely you can beat whatever we've already got. What's this about? Here's Emily's original post from a couple weeks ago:

Last time we asked that your entry have something to do with Sam & Max and possibly also with Halloween. This time we're taking away the Halloween part, but requesting you stick a little Season 1 tribute into your entry somewhere. How you do it is up to you. You want to put together a Season 1 video montage, set to a sappy ballad? Go for it. Maybe make a Soda Poppers t-shirt with fabric paint? Sounds good. How about a live action Brady Culture's Eye Bo commerical? We're not stopping you!

What's the prize? Why, it's the same Season 1 set available on this very website, including the downloads of all six episodes and also the disk version when it comes out. (We know a lot of our readers already bought in to Season 1, but hey, this is your chance to get the disk free!)

Just send your entry -- and your name and address -- to us at by 9:00 am Pacific time on Wednesday, May 9. We'll mull them over and announce three winners on the 10th. So, come on, prospective contest winners. The time to act is now. Give us all you got!
That's right, 9am Pacific time... tomorrow! Now is your chance to shine.

You like us! You really like us!

Posted on May 2007 by TelltaleGames

So today seemed like just another ordinary Friday, until two big boxes showed up at our door, sent to us by several awesome members of our forum community. And guess what was in them?

Snacks! And wine! Thanks, guys. You made everyone in our office very happy. :)

More Sam & Max contests than you can shake a stick at

Posted on May 2007 by TelltaleGames

With the approach of our season finale only a week away, we thought we'd fling some love around by offering free season sets to some of our favorite websites.

Wired's Game|Life blog launched theirs a little early since Chris is headed off to Japan (!), and announced the winners and losers today. (I think this one's my favorite...)

Didn't get a chance to enter? Don't worry, there are many more! Like these, for example:

4 Color Rebellion

Adventure Gamers


Just Adventure


...and more are on the way. I'll post links when I have them.

Oh, and don't forget this little contest right here. But you wouldn't forget about a thing like that, now, would you?

Ape contest winners!

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

This was truly a random drawing -- I made a stack of all the entries, and five people who are not me each grabbed one out of the pile. And the winners are... Shaun Finney, Melanie Greeley, Jordan Fickel, James McLane, and Max Meyers. Woo!

The winners were chosen completely at random, having nothing to do with the quality of their apes. That said... here are their apes! (To see a gallery with all of the entries, just click one of the thumbnails.)


Thanks to everyone who entered! Oh, and don't forget about that other contest that's going on right now...

The best contest of them all

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

Some of you may remember the little "do something random, win a game" contest we ran back in October. (Need to refresh your memory? Look here for the winners.) We've done a few other Sam & Max themed contests since then, all with more structure than the original, and they were fun, but none were quite as golden as that first free-for-all. So guess what... we're bringing it back!

Last time we asked that your entry have something to do with Sam & Max and possibly also with Halloween. This time we're taking away the Halloween part, but requesting you stick a little Season 1 tribute into your entry somewhere. How you do it is up to you. You want to put together a Season 1 video montage, set to a sappy ballad? Go for it. Maybe make a Soda Poppers t-shirt with fabric paint? Sounds good. How about a live action Brady Culture's Eye Bo commerical? We're not stopping you!

What's the prize? Why, it's the same Season 1 set available on this very website, including the downloads of all six episodes and also the disk version when it comes out. (We know a lot of our readers already bought in to Season 1, but hey, this is your chance to get the disk free!)

Just send your entry -- and your name and address -- to us at by 9:00 am Pacific time on Wednesday, May 9. We'll mull them over and announce three winners on the 10th. So, come on, prospective contest winners. The time to act is now. Give us all you got!

Behind the music (and sound) of Sam & Max

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

Months ago we spent a couple days hanging around with (and stalking) Jared Emerson-Johnson and Julian Kwasneski of Bay Area Sound. Like we do, we brought a video camera along and taped everything, then asked them to sit down and talk about their work on the music scoring, sound effects, and voice and live musician recording and direction on Sam & Max Season One.*

So, click that video there to the right (or visit the Sam & Max Interim Theater) and be transported into the magical world of game audio, including some behind the scenes moments at voice and music recording, awkward interview moments, and a glimpse at the elusive Brendan Q. Ferguson.

* These guys also did our sound, music and voice for both Bone episodes, and both CSI games, too! Don't forget to check out Jared's soundtracks to Bone and Sam & Max, and check out more good stuff at the BASD website. Also check out

Bright Side of the Moon -- in video!

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

Wow, time flies. It seems like just seven months ago we launched Culture Shock, and now here we are on the verge of the season finale.

How does Harry Moleman tie in with the big conspiracy? What sort of tomfoolery is happening on the lunar surface? And will there be another song? These answers and more await you in Bright Side of the Moon. Can you stand it? (If not, the video at right can help ease your pain...)

Also, this is the very last Sam & Max: Season 1 gameplay video we'll ever post. I can't tell you how glad I am to have shared this with all of you. *sniff*

(In case you've been so busy playing Reality 2.0 that you've lost track of time, Bright Side of the Moon launches on GameTap tomorrow and here on Telltale's site May 10. We'll have a nice big burst of Interim Theater in the meantime, so be sure to come back for that!)

APE captures us on camera

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

So this guy from the San Francisco Chronicle came up to us at APE with a camera, and here's what happened next...

I think APE made us all a lot dorkier than we really are.

Except Steve. He's always cool.

Final machinima short posted. Sweet!

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

Sam & Max machinima short #15, "A Fireside Chat," is now up for your viewing pleasure on the Sam & Max website. Also it's right there next to this text. Awesome!

Something else that is awesome: "A Fireside Chat" is the final machinima short for Season One! What does that mean, other than weeks and weeks of unclogged unscheduled time opening in front of me in a heavenly display? Well, nothing important, actually. But they are done, so pop open some in-engine animated champagne and party down. Hopefully you enjoyed more of the shorts than you didn't, and your whistle is well whetted for the quality onslaught that is Bright Side of the Moon (coming soon).

Quite a few people have asked us to actually list out the credits for the shorts. Now that they're all done, that seems like a pretty good idea. So, for your enjoyment, here are high quality downloads of all 15 Sam & Max shorts, along with information about who worked on each of them!

If you want to watch the shorts without downloading anything, just click here, or head over to the Sam & Max site and click the "Machinima Shorts" button on the left side, just above the video player.

Full machinima credits and high quality downloads after the break...[readmore]
Machinima Short #1

Frank Discussion

Written by Dave Grossman

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #2


Written by Heather Logas

Choreography by Daniel "H-Bomb" Herrera

Machinima Short #3

A Painstaking Search

Written by Heather Logas

Choreography by Daniel "H-Bomb" Herrera

Machinima Short #4

Reality Blights

Written by Heather Logas

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #5

Egregious Philosophy Platter

Written by Dave Grossman

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #6

Kitchen Consequential

Written by Heather Logas

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #7


Written by Steve Purcell

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #8


Written by Steve Purcell

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #9

The Blank Blank Blank

Written by John Drake

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #10

War Games

Written by Dave Grossman

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #11

The Teapot Drone Scandal

Written by Dave Grossman

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #12

Saving the Economy

Written by Dave Grossman

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #13


Written by Chuck Jordan

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #14


Written by Chuck Jordan

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Machinima Short #15

A Fireside Chat

Written by Chuck Jordan

Choreography by Jake Rodkin

Also, as usual, thanks to the guys at Bay Area Sound for doing all the sound and music mixing on these shorts (and playing a lot of the B characters - Jared and Julian star as most all secret service agents, phone voices, and journalists in these shorts, though Brendan also sneaks in from time to time).

The APE lowdown, and a really easy contest

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

We had a great time at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend. It was the first time we had a table at a show like this, and we thought we might feel out of place there since we're a game publisher, not a comic publisher (or in the case of APE, one guy at a table with a bunch of photocopied zines), but we fit right in and had a great time at the booth.


Our table, in all its glory.

We met a lot of people who already knew about the games, which was cool, but one of the best things about being at APE was having tons of Sam & Max and Bone fans find out about the games for the first time. Comic conventions have always been a nice way for us to reach an audience we just can't get to through the usual channels (i.e. our website and the gaming websites that cover our games), but since we had a table this time, we had a chance to chat with people about the games and to introduce a bunch of comic fans to what we're doing here at Telltale. (Hey, maybe some of them are even reading this blog!)[readmore]

In addition to putting out merchandise and printouts of the latest Sam & Max and Dank comics for people to pick up, we also had a computer set up to demo both Bone games and all six episodes of Sam & Max. It was a great idea in theory, but in reality, this nine-year-old kid spent most of the weekend hogging the games. (I told him he should ask his mom to buy the season for him, to which he replied "too expensive" without even asking how much they cost. Pfft.)

One of the highlights on Saturday was a visit from Christiane Crawford and J.S. Gilbert, who provided voices for our Bone Games (she plays the Possum Kids; he's the Red Dragon and the Big Bee, among others). They hadn't played the games yet so we kicked the demo-hogging kid off the computer and loaded up Out from Boneville for their listening pleasure. We marketing types don't generally get to meet the voice actors, and I enjoyed hearing them do the characters' voices on the fly (especially the Possum Kids, who have a special place in my heart).


Left to right: A guy in a Max shirt posing with me; Christiane Crawford and J.S. Gilbert; Dave Grossman and Steve during the signing.

On Sunday, Steve came by and signed Sam & Max sketchbooks (or whatever else people asked him to sign). Lots of people came by to talk to him, including several other APE exhibitors who wanted to give Steve copies of their work and told him what an inspiration he was. My favorite visitors during that time were a really cute couple who said Steve was the reason they met. (He was working in a comic shop where she happened to be browsing, and someone else in the store asked a question about Sam & Max that they both knew the answer to... and they've been together ever since. Aww.) Steve brought one of his sons with him, so the demo hogger had to share for a little while, and together they almost beat Reality 2.0.

The contest part: Before he left, Steve signed some of the Sam & Max comics that we'd printed out, and then we flagged down Graham Annable (who had been busy at the Hickee table all weekend) and had him sign some Danks for us as well. So, let's have a contest! This is an easy one... just draw us a picture of an ape and email it to Next Monday we'll pull five winners out of the magic contest hat... and, if all goes well, post some monkey pictures! (It doesn't matter if your picture is any good -- you'll still be eligible to win.) Please include your mailing address with your entry so I know where to mail the comics if you win.

Also, details of another contest will be coming really soon, so watch this space!

You love an APE

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

Just a reminder that Telltale and friends will be invading the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco this weekend. We'll have a booth and everything. Friends will be coming by, and you should too.
Alternative Press Expo
The Concourse

620 7th Street

San Francisco

Saturday, 4/21 - 11 am to 7 pm

Sunday, 4/22 - 11 am to 6 pm
Who will be there that you know, you ask?
  • We're in Booth 616, which we think is just to the right of the front door, all up in the area. You know. We'll have Sam & Max tshirts, poster prints (including the last of the now super-rare Office prints!) and copies of the games for sale. Quality booth banter will be free of charge. We'll also have some webcomic leaflet things you can pick up if you want.*

  • Steve Purcell will be at our booth Sunday from 2:00 to whenever, and will be happy to sign books and body parts.

  • Dave Grossman will also be there Sunday (at an undisclosed time), selling books of poetry and small xeroxed zines which will make us look like we belong there.

  • Across the convention floor you can find Telltale Friend Graham Annable, and the rest of the Hickee crew at their own booth, selling a bunch of awesome art. Also last year they were selling copies of Psychonauts at that booth, so there's that as well.
If that wasn't enough, be sure sometime during the weekend to stop by the opening (and reception) of The Indie, an art show featuring the work of a bunch of independent artists. Included in the show are works by Steve and Graham, as well as the Double Fine Comics guys.

* you want.

Sam & Max webcomic nominated for an Eisner!

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

So just yesterday I was ruminating on the fact that Chapter 1 of Steve's Sam & Max webcomic was coming to a close*, and today we get the surprise news that the comic has been nominated for an Eisner award for Best Digital Comic. (It's not surprise news because we're surprised -- Steve's a mad genius and his comic is awesome -- but because we didn't know the nominations were going to be announced today.) Big congrats to Steve!

Speaking of Steve, he will be at our APE table on Sunday (probably starting around 2:00) to hang out and sign stuff. So if you're going to be in San Francisco on Sunday and it's your lifelong dream to say hello to Steve Purcell and get him to sign your dog-earred copy of Surfing the Highway, your dream's about to come true.

And if you've stumbled upon our site for the first time because of the Eisner nomination, maybe when you're done checking out installments 1 thru 12 of Steve's comic, we can entice you to check out this little game series we're doing based on his characters? Hmm?

*Chapter 1 is coming to a close, not the whole thing. Don't freak out.

The end of Sam & Max's adventures?

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

...haha, had you going for a minute there. Sorry, that was mean.

I'm talking about the latest strip in Steve's ongoing Sam & Max webcomic, which we just posted on the site. This is a momentous installment, because it marks the end of the team's strange journey through England as they finally hop a plane to head back home. (Not without a few comments on the current state of airline security... hey, it's been a decade since they've flown!)

For anyone who didn't pick up on it -- which would include me, until Jake explained it to me yesterday -- this comic has been filling in the gaps of where Sam & Max have been for the past few years, leading up to their Season 1 return, which means that while we're approaching the end of the season, they're actually in a period of time before the season even started. And technically they're on a completely different adventure altogether, which could just mean that they'll be reencountering Nigel the Hook at the same exact time that they're having a showdown with Brady Culture. Whoa. (Did I just make your head spin?)

Now's a great time to catch up on the story so far by starting at the beginning.

Also available: machinima #14, in which Max tosses some "support" in the direction of his fellow presidential candidates, lagomorph-style.

Hey, obsessive-compulsive Vista users

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

If you're a Windows Vista user, like me, and have a possibly clinical need to have everything on your computer match, like me, then you were probably irked when you discovered that the icons for the first three Sam & Max episodes only supported up to 48x48 pixels, when the icons for episodes 4 and 5 mysteriously started supporting the new Vista 256x256 megaicon format.

It looks weird on the desktop to see episodes 4 and 5 visually dwarfing the first half of the season, and it looks completely lame in Games Explorer, where the icons are often displayed in their full "so huge it's possibly ridiculous" grandeur, but worst of all, they're just not the same!

For those who need their icons to all match, and don't mind doing a bit of very light tinkering, I've uploaded full 256x256 Vista-friendly icons for the earlier episodes. You can grab them (along with installation instructions) in this forum thread. Enjoy, Vista users, and sleep peacefully.

Telltale goes APE

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

GDC marked the beginning of what's affectionately known as "show season" for marketing goons all over the gaming and comic industry. It's all downhill from here.* Starting with...

APE (the Alternative Press Expo), this weekend in San Francisco!

Various and sundry Telltale folk will be staffing our table all day Saturday and Sunday, selling Sam & Max and Bone merchandise and demoing games (including Bright Side of the Moon, the big season finale!). Special guests may or may not include designer extraordinaire Dave Grossman, Steve Purcell, and former Telltalian Graham Annable (author of Further Grickle and Stickleback). So if you're around and want to come by -- not to mention, walk the APE floor and see all the cool stuff being put out on the indie scene -- then head over to the Concourse (7th and Brannan) this weekend. It'll be fun. (More APE details right here.)

Also opening this weekend: "The Indie", an art show featuring work by alternative press artists, including Graham Annable and Steve Purcell. That show is at Gallery 1988 (1173 Sutter at Polk) and is running from April 21 through May 12.

*In case you're wondering, other upcoming shows include Comic-Con (San Diego in July) and PAX (Seattle in August).

Bonus weekend surprise update

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know of a few pieces of content which snuck up onto the Telltale site this weekend. First up, the newest Sam & Max machinima short, "Artichoke" is up at the Sam & Max page (and just over to the right there). If you prefer to do your video viewing at Max For President, you'll find it there as well!

Also up this weekend is some new Bone content! (Fancy that!)

New Bone Wallpaper! Browsing over to the bottom of the Bone Wallpapers & Avatars page will net you a new Cow Race wallpaper, which we put together for our demo booth PC at last month's Independent Games Festival.

Bone Soundtrack Labels! Many months back, Telltale forumite Laserschwert revealed that he'd secretly been working on some great looking CD labels and jewel case packaging for our Bone MP3 downloads. He asked us to put them up on the Bone Soundtracks page, and so we have!

So now you have no excuse not to go pretty up your desktop, and your CD-R Bone soundtracks (which everyone should have in their CD changer at all times). Also you have no excuse not to watch that new machinima short, but you probably already watched it.

Time to save the world, little buddy...

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

The official spiel: "What started out as a local mind-control scheme has grown to global proportions, and Sam & Max are off to the moon to save the entire planet from a lifetime of hypnotic enslavement. But when chaos collides with tranquility, have the Freelance Police finally met their match?"

The unofficial spiel: "It's totally awesome!! LOL!"

Bright Side of the Moon will launch on GameTap April 26, and here on Telltale's site May 10. Check out the screenshots and download the WMV version of the teaser if you're so inclined.

Also, Reality 2.0 is now available to everyone. Go play it!

Trivia contest answers. And winners!

Posted on April 2007 by TelltaleGames

Our first whenever-we-feel-like-it Sam & Max trivia contest was a rousing success, and the winners have been drawn. And they are...

Junaid Chundrigar

Torey Frost

Jason Harang


Peter Street

I won't comment on who got the answers right and who didn't. They know who they are. Anyway, magazines are packed up and ready to mail. Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who played!

If you're curious, here are the correct answers...

1. What was the name of the first Sam & Max comic, and what year was it published?

"Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple" published in good old 1987.

2. What is the name of Sam & Max's next-door neighbor?

Flint Paper, PI.

3. What crime fighting-canine does Sam hate to be compared to?

McGruff. (Notice how he growls when that poker player in #7 calls him this?)

4. Name two amusement park rides that Sam & Max can go on in the 1993 game Sam & Max Hit the Road.

The Tunnel of Love and the Cone of Tragedy.

5. What's the name of Sam & Max's female friend in the Sam & Max Freelance Police cartoon series?

Darla "The Geek" Gugenheek.

6. What's the name of Brady Culture's TV show, and what year was it cancelled?

The show was Culture's Clubhouse, and it was cancelled in 1970 or 1971 depending on whether you believe the documentary that plays on Sam & Max's TV the intro to Brady Culture's Eye-Bo video in episode 1, or Brady's rant later on in the episode. (Either year was accepted for an answer.)

7. In The Mole, The Mob, and The Meatball, the freelance police play poker with a guy dressed in black. What's his name, and who does he look like?

The name's Leonard Steakcharmer, and he bears an uncanny resemblance to Boris Krinkle of Telltale Texas Hold'em.

8. What kind of gun does Max carry?

A Luger. But where does he keep it?

9. Who invented Sam & Max?

Haha... trick question! Steve Purcell is the man behind Sam & Max as we know them today, but his brother Dave invented the characters.

10. How old are each of the Soda Poppers?

Whizzer and Specs are 35; Peepers is 34. Thank god for carbon dating.