The Back to the Future 2015 Nikes Are Real

Posted on September 2011 by TelltaleGames

For the Back to the Future fans out there, Nike has recently announced that they're launching the almost real deal pair of Nikes that Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future: Part 2 in the form of the Nike MAG shoe!

These shoes look just like the self-lacing shoes that Marty wore to fit into Hill Valley of 2015 with the light-up feature but don't actually lace themselves up - yet. Nike has filed a patent for the self-lacing technology so it's very possible we'll be seeing another iteration on the MAGs in the future!

Getting your hands (or feet) on a pair of these hot sneakers may not be as easy as Marty had it as there are only 1,500 pairs being manufactured and they're all being auctioned off, but the proceeds from the purchase of these shoes goes directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research so it's for a great cause! 

Meet Telltale Core Engineer Bruce Wilcox

Posted on September 2011 by TelltaleGames

Last year I featured Telltale core engineer Bruce Wilcox on the blog when he won the 2010 Loebner Award because he successfully tricked a judge into believing his chatbot was actually a human. Chatbot season is back in full-force as this year's Loebner Awards approach and Bruce is back at it with another entry. I've asked him to write up a bit about himself to give you guys a look at what he does at Telltale and beyond and he graciously accepted. Read on to find out more about Bruce! 

Note: The above video above, while awesome, is not something Bruce has worked on himself but is related to the coming Loebner awards. Bruce mentions this video in his blog, below. So take it away Bruce!

I’ve been asked to write this blog about myself, so here it is. 

I am a long-time AI programmer, both in the real world (e.g., autonomous aircraft) and in the game world (among other things I wrote the first successful Go program). You’d think there wouldn’t be a lot of call for an AI specialist in a company like Telltale. Their games are adventure story. You point and click, the system gives you a visual result. It’s not like the characters get to act autonomously. If they did, they’d always be trying to kill you. Not quite the experience Telltale sells.

Read the rest of Bruce's tale after the jump!

In fact, Telltale advertised for a core engineer. At TTG engineers come in three flavors. Core engineers work on “the Tool” in C++, the combination authoring and playback system that runs all Telltale games on all platforms. Content engineers program specific games, using the Tool and Lua. Web engineers handle the website and servers. TTG games don’t interact with servers during gameplay, but have always been downloadable.

[readmore]Read the rest of Bruce's tale after the jump!

TTG placed their standard core job ad, which for years had a phrase about “natural language skills” in it. No one before me has ever replied on that and TTG just kept it in by rote. But, there was a good reason they wanted natural language skills. Once upon a time, in a videogame far far away in time, adventure games were controlled by primitive text interfaces. “Walk north”. “Pick up screwdriver.” Sure, they’ve moved on to being mouse and graphics, but TTG firmly believes the old parser interface will make a comeback. Not as text, but as voice. Or maybe as mental control. And it won’t be the microscopic vocabulary and grammar of old. It will be large vocabulary sentences- write what you want. Hence, natural language skills.

I, meanwhile, having moved to North Bay above San Francisco, was looking for a video game job nearby, at a company that might make interesting use of my skills. And as it happens, in the prior two years I had been working in natural language processing, designing and building a new chatbot technology. In fact, last year (6 months into my job at TTG), I won the Loebner prize by fooling a judge into thinking my chatbot was a human being. So I joined TTG after a 1-hour interview and no programming test.

So what does that mean I do at TTG? Actually, I’m a strange hybrid. I’m a core engineer who is also a content programmer. I work on scripting, dialog systems, lua interfaces, etc in the Tool. But I also have my own content project, an outside-the-box project to generate Fairy Tales. When I started, it seems designers had long wanted a product that would act out user’s stories. Here’s where natural language comes in. The user might say “The king picked the rose” and the system would animate a king, have him move to a rose, pick it, and now he has a rose. Then the user might say “The king gives the rose to the princess” … It’s not necessarily a game, but an experience of some kind. What the actual game design becomes remains to be seen. First, the underlying technology has to be created (that’s my job).

Imagine the product as ScribbleNauts with verbs and more words. Then start creating limitations. OK, we handle thousands of verbs, but not ALL verbs. I mean, who really needs a lot of medical verbs I’ve never heard of? And objects, well, what will graphics limitations do to the 50,000 nouns we recognize and what scripting needs do they have? Beats me. But I wrote a prototype example of a system using my chatbot technology. I restricted things to simple sentences of Subject, verb, object. For subject, you were limited to one of the game characters. So, in my prototype I typed in “Dragon marry princess”. Since the system required “motives”, it picked one, and in text said “The dragon hands a glass of liquid to the princess. She drinks it and falls madly in love (it was a love potion). The princess marries the dragon. Not only did it require motives, but I was enthralled with the notion of twisted fairy tales. So the system tried to find a perverse interpretation of your request. If you’d said “king throw rock”, you might accidently strike and harm your own queen. Anyway… the prototype was fun, so then they said, now let’s build it using the Tool, make it graphical. And here I am in the midst of working on that with my spare cycles. If I’m lucky, it will actually ship someday, late next year at the earliest. But even if it doesn’t, it is extending core technology to handle natural language for some future product. And it makes me more sympathetic to content programmers, so I use my own experiences to improve theirs.

Meanwhile, I have a new chatbot and new chatbot technology for this year’s upcoming Loebner in October (hence the request for my blog entry). My old technology and chatbot were owned by Avatar Reality, and since they wouldn’t open source the engine, I decided to redo a new technology and bot from scratch. Which makes for a tight schedule and lowers the odds of winning this year. Rosette, my bot, did qualify first of four in the entry qualifiers, so she can’t finish worse than fourth place. J

So what does making a chatbot entail? You can find a bunch of papers I’ve written for Gamasutra in my Wikipedia entry. But the basics are:

1. Conceptualize a consistent personality for the bot. My wife, Sue, is a writer and has designed the backstory of Rosette. Who her family is, where she lives, what she does, what she likes, etc.

2. Convert that into ChatScript, deciding how to phrase a pattern that will approximate the meaning of a user input without being so specific as to miss whenever the user writes something not quite it. For example, to catch input like: Do you have any sisters
the script might be:
?: SIBLING (<< you [any ~own] [brother sister sibling] >> ) No. I was an only child. I think that made me a bit of a tomboy. I do have Jenn, who is my godmother's daughter. We grew up together.
The above script line responds to questions (?:) where the words inside << >> can be found in any order and whenever you see [ ] that means find one of them. And ~own is a concept, which stands for any verb that implies owning. And ordinary words usually match both canonical and noncanonical forms, so “brother” matchs “brother” or “brothers” . So the pattern could match: “do you have a brother?” or “do you own any siblings?” or “have you any brothers?”. When it matches, in this case it outputs text, starting with “No…”. But it could be script to do anything.

For example, if you ask what is the largest country, the system would have a pattern to “understand” your meaning, and then script that would scan a list of database facts it has about nations and their area, ordering them, and picking the largest. Or the five largest if that’s what you asked.

3. Extend the ontology of the world. An ontology is a relationship hierarchy. A dog is a mammal is a being. To shoot is to damage_with_projectile is to damage is to affect_health. Each of the levels of the tree is a concept (a list of things that do what it means). But a concept can be freestanding and nor not strictly hierarchical. For example, concept: ~aids_words (AIDS deficiency illness immune ) describes words often associated with AIDS, but they are not equal items. It’s an affiliation instead of a hierarchy.

4. Work on other natural language issues, like Parsing and Part-of-Speech tagging. Patterns may well involve knowing exactly what role in a sentence each word plays. “Are you like a dog” is quite different from “Do you like dogs”, and a vague pattern might get the wrong meaning. “like” is the main verb in the latter but is a preposition in the former.
Anyway, that’s me and TTG.
Meanwhile, there is a video about two chatbots talking with each other (above) that has gone viral and is making the rounds. It’s funny, short, and well worth watching. The two bots are “Cleverbots”, one of the contenders last year that didn’t qualify this year. The speech and avatars were done at Cornell, and they just linked to the cleverbot website.
0. Wilcox Wikipedia Entry -
1. Loebner Competition -
2. Brian Christian book-
3. Avatar Reality Blue Mars -
4. Cleverbot –
5. AIML -
6. ChatScript Open Source project -
9. Suzette - (from 8 months before Loebner)
10. Chatterbox Challenge -

Around the Office - VivaFoto: An iPhone App by a Telltaler

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

Telltale Games is known for making video games but those games wouldn't be possible without the incredibly talented people we have working on them - and sometimes these very talented people have some spare time and make some cool stuff outside of the office walls. Carlo Morgantini is one of these people.

Carlo has developed a very cool iPhone app called VivaFoto, an app that creates a variety of lense effects that appear in real-time, right as you're taking a picture, so you'll be able to see exactly what your finished photo will look like. 

You can grab Carlo's VivaFoto app for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store now for only $0.99! Get the app and support someone that works on your favorite games! 

Jurassic Park - An Action Montage Video

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

PAX Prime 2011 has come and gone (catch our PAX Prime video series) but that doesn't mean the PAX-y fun is over! We had new Jurassic Park footage playing at our Isla Nublar styled booth over the weekend and it's now available online for your viewing pleasure. 

Behold, the PAX Prime Jurassic Park Action Montage video!

Jurassic Park: The Game hits the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Mac on November 15!

Telltale at PAX Prime 2011 - Day 1

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

Hey guys! We've been having a blast at PAX 2011 and wrapped our first day. People are enjoying Jurassic Park if the squirming and the yelling during the action scenes are any indication. Unfortunately, terrible tragedy befell the Make-A-Scene panel...

Check it out!




Telltale at PAX Prime 2011 - Day 0

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

Telltale's at PAX and so are you! Well, maybe you're not REALLY there, but thanks to the wonders of digital video, YouTube, and our web team's sleep-deprived insanity, you can pretend to be there with the help of our daily PAX video diaries!

The first video is here, covering day 0 of the show, the set-up day. Get a first glimpse at our Jurassic Park themes booth (with vehicular bonus) and other expo-themed malarkey. Enjoy!

Back to the Future: The Game Coming to Retail on PS3 and Wii

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

Yesterday we launched our Back to the Future: The Game Deluxe and Collector's Edition orders and today we've got some more exciting news for fans of holding physical copies of video games in their hands! We're at work on retail releases for Back to the Future: The Game on the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 - targeted for a Holiday 2011 release! 

Both retail releases will contain the entire 5-episode season of Back to the Future: The Game on the disc and will be available at retail outlets near you!

We'll have more information on the PlayStation 3 and Wii retail versions of Back to the Future soon - Stay tuned for more details!

  • Read the Wii and PlayStation Press Releases - PS3 - Wii

Back to the Future Collector DVD and Deluxe Edition Now Available

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

Guys and gals, we're super excited to announce that we've just made the Collector's and Deluxe Editions of the Mac and PC version of Back to the Future: The Game live and available to order and added some new merchandise to the store! For the first time ever, you'll be able to physically get your hands on Back to the Future: The Game "feelies" (remember those cloth maps from your PC games of old?)!

Here's a rundown of all the new stuff:

Collector's Edition: 

It's $24.99 plus shipping or you only pay shipping if you already own the full season of Back to the Future: The Game!* It contains all five episodes and includes behind the scenes videos, team commentaries, trailers, promo art, and more! Longtime fans of our games know just how cool these are!

Deluxe Edition: 

$44.99 plus shipping or pay only $19.99 plus shipping if you already own the full season of Back to the Future: The Game!* Limited to an initial 2,500 piece manufacturing run, the Deluxe Edition features unique Deluxe Edition cover art and contains a Hill Valley Historical Society Photo Album, Doc Brown's Notebook, Trixie Trotter's Postcard, and Doc's Original Flux Capacitor Sketch! Yes, this comes with the Collector's DVD in the box!

You do NOT want to miss out on getting your hands on all of these Hill Valley historical artifacts! 

New Merch:

Now available are a full-size (26"x40") Back to the Future: The Game movie-style poster and an Art-Portfolio featuring 9"x12" suitable-for-framing artwork from the game. Think the Tales of Monkey Island art portfolio on that one! 

That Back to the Future poster is freaking huge, you'll definitely want to display that one proudly!

Oh yeah, place an over $50 order now until August 31 and get 15% off your entire order! All new merch will begin shipping in September. 

What's got you most excited from these new Back to the Future-releated goods in the Telltale Games store?

* To recieve the Collector's Edition for the cost of shipping of the Deluxe Edition for $19.99 plus shipping, you must have purchased the season (PC/Mac) from the Telltale Games Store. Sorry, we can't extend this offer to iPad, PSN, or other PC/Mac purchase outlet customers.

Telltale at PAX Prime 2011 - A Video Series

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

Telltale Games will be in full force at PAX Prime this year (that's this weekend), with a blown-out Jurassic Park themed booth including replica Jurassic Park gates, a Jurassic Park gas-powered jeep, playable demo stations, and poster and t-shirt giveaways - as well as our Make a Scene Panel where the audience helps us make a scene in one of our games!

As well as all that fun stuff, we'll be there documenting as much as we can as we scour the show floor and the surrounding areas for fun stuff to get on video to show the fans at home - much as we did during San Diego Comic Con!

Tune in each morning during PAX for the latest in our PAX Prime 2011 video series! 

Jurassic Park: Episode 2 - A First Look

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

Hey everyone! Just back from Deutschland (or Germany) where Jurassic Park: The Game lead designer Mark Darin and I were showing the game to press at the annual Gamescom convention in Cologne! 

We have some awesome new screenshots from Jurassic Park: Episode 2 ripe for the picking, featuring a couple of our favorite cloned prehistoric friends doing what they do best on Isla Nublar - terrorizing humans! 

Dig the Tyrannosaurus Rex shot above? See another screengrab from the second episode of Jurassic Park: The Game after the jump! [readmore]

Who is that just inches away from being eaten by the dilophosaur you ask? You'll get the answer to that question in Jurassic Park: Episode 2!

We'll be blowing out the Penny-Arcade Expo (PAX) next weekend with a Jurassic Park themed booth you won't want to miss! We'll have more details about it later this week, so if you're heading up to Seattle for the show, be sure to stop by! 

Get Puzzle Agent 1 and 2 for iOS on the Cheap

Posted on August 2011 by TelltaleGames

The Hidden People have spoken (or whispered)! From now until a week from now, both entries in the award-winning Puzzle Agent series on iOS enabled devices are discounted! Puzzle Agent 2, for iPhone and iPad, is only $2.99 while the original Puzzle Agent on both devices is $0.99 for one week

It took some gum-chewing but we've also addressed some of the issues folks were having with the previous version of Puzzle Agent 2 for iOS! The fixes in the newly released version of the game are as follows: 

  • Now supports 3G devices and newer

  • Puzzle controls & usabiilty significantly improved

  • Voice skipping fixed

  • Cutscene graphics improved

  • Performance enhancements and other minor bug fixes

Thanks to all for your patience while we solved those puzzles. 

Be sure to get your fill of the Puzzle Agent series on iOS before this sale pulls an Isaac Davner and disappears. 

PSA: All Episodes of Back to the Future: The Game Are Now Available

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

This is a Telltale Games Public Service Announcement

If you've been following Back to the Future: The Game closely then you already know this but the entire season is now available across the full run of platforms the game has launched on - PC/Mac, PlayStation Network, and iPad! 

Where can you nab the thrilling follow-up to the hit Back to the Future movie trilogy you ask? Here, I'll tell you. 

PC/Mac - The Telltale Games Store - LINK

PSN - The PlayStation Network Store accessible from your PlayStation 3

iPad - Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 - Episode 5

This concludes the Public Service Announcement.

Telltale at San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 5

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

Well, there you have it folks, San Diego Comic  on 2011 has come and gone! Just because yesterday was the final day doesn't mean we didn't have anything exciting going on though!

Steve Purcell, creator of Sam & Max, spent a couple of hours at our booth talking to fans, rustling up sketches, and signing autographs! It's always great having Steve at our booth as he's entertaining to both the fans and the staff when he's cracking jokes left and right.

Thanks to each and every fan that stopped by the booth this year, we appreciate all of you. That said, when the announcement that the show floor was closed came over the PA system we cheered just about as loudly as the Rebels at Echo Base did when the first transport made it through the Imperial blockade away from Hoth.

Telltale at San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 4

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

Well we're almost there folks, as San Diego Comic Con is winding down to a close!

Day 4 was a great day as AJ and Claudia finished up their signing sessions at the Telltale booth and Bill Willing ham, the creator of the Fables comic series, took a chunk out of his day to autograph Comic Con exclusive Fables prints! As a treat for us, he let us tag along to the Fables panel and show off the new art to the most diehard of diehard Fables fans! We're very much looking forward to working with Bill on the game based on the universe he created!

What do you think Comic Con has in store for us in it's final day?

Telltale at San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 3

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

San Diego Comic Con 2011 is now halfway over and Day 3 was yet another action packed day for Telltale Games! 

SDCC 2011 Day 3 marked the first day of Back to the Future: The Game's A.J. LoCascio (Marty McFly) and Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker) signing autographs and meeting fans at the booth! A.J. had a few spare moments in between signings to get away from the booth and walk the show floor, and not to mention, check out a DeLorean Time Machine at the Mattel booth. The DeLorean they have on display there is top notch; in the words of John Hammond they "spared no expense" in getting it as close as possible to the real deal from the Back to the Future films. 

Watch the latest video to see exactly what we were up to during Day 3! 

Telltale at San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 2

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

Another day at San Diego Comic Con, another video from your friends at Telltale Games! 

Thursday, yesterday, was the first official day of the convention and activity at our booth (#5337 for the thousandth time) reached a fever pitch as we handed out our exclusive The Walking Dead poster tubes and mini-posters! The line was seemingly infinite but that's what happens when free stuff is thrown into the mix! 

Shaun got a chance to sit down with Penny-Arcade's own Jerry Holkins (Tycho) and chat about his input on Poker Night at the Inventory and his thoughts on Telltale; Shaun seems to have had a great time doing that. He came back beaming. 

We've also given press a new look at The Walking Dead and revealed the first in-game glimpse of Lee and Clementine, so that should be making the rounds this weekend! 

Anyway, enough of my blabbering, watch our San Diego Comic Con 2011 Day 1 video! 

Telltale at San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 1

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

Hey everyone, we're in the thick of San Diego Comic Con craziness right now but here's a little video glimpse into what we were up to during last night's Preview Night festivities. 

P.S. If you didn't already hear, Fables universe creator Bill Willingham will be hanging out at our booth (#5337) on Saturday evening from 5:30 - 6:30 pm signing autographs and chatting with fans! If you're attending Comic Con, you do not want to miss this! 

Stay tuned to the Telltale Games blog for more updates from Comic Con!

UPDATED What Telltale Will Be Up To at San Diego Comic Con 2011

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

San Diego Comic Con, the gathering of thousands of like-minded nerds (that's a good thing) every summer, is this weekend and Telltale Games will be there in full-force showing off what we have been and are in the midst of working on!

If you're attending this year's festivities you'll want to stop by our booth (#5337) to get your hands on some SDCC exclusive Back to the Future: The Game and The Walking Dead posters and enter to win large versions of the same posters signed by the game teams and some of the talent behind each game! You do not want to miss these. We'll also have some sweet The Walking Dead poster tubes (with straps for your carrying convenience) on hand for you to store your acquisitions from the show! All of that will be available while supplies last, so get to our booth early!

Jurassic Park: The Game, the highly anticipated chapter in the Jurassic Park saga, will be playable at our Comic Con booth! Just stop by the booth and get a feel for the game that launches this fall!

As well as the plethora of giveaway items and a playable Jurassic Park: The Game demo we'll have for fans, we'll also have special guests holding court at our booth to sign autographs! On Friday and Saturday we'll have A.J Locascio and Claudia Wells from Back to the Future: The Game ready and waiting to sign an SDCC exclusive "photograph" of Marty and Jennifer from the game. Sunday brings the creator of Sam & Max, Steve Purcell to the Telltale Games booth!

UPDATE: Fables creator Bill Willingham will be stopping by the Telltale Games booth to sign autographs and chat with fans on Saturday evening!

So stop by and see us this weekend at San Diego Comic Con! Say hello, get some stuff signed, play Jurassic Park, and get awesome some free stuff while you're at it.

Find our detailed signing schedule after the jump! [readmore]

Talent Signing Schedule: 


10:00 am - 12:00 pm: A.J. Locascio and Claudia Wells - Back to the Future: The Game

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm: A.J. Locascio and Claudia Wells - Back to the Future: The Game

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm: A.J. Locascio and Claudia Wells - Back to the Future: The Game


10:00 am - 12:00 pm: A.J. Locascio and Claudia Wells - Back to the Future: The Game

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm: A.J Locascio - Back to the Future: The Game

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm: Bill Willingham - Fables


11:00 am - 1:00 pm Steve Purcell - Sam & Max

Back to the Future Finale iPad and PSN Release Dates

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

The thrilling fifth and final episode of Back to the Future: The Game will soon be available on the PlayStation Network and iPad! Of course, if you have a DeLorean time machine at your disposal (as many Telltale forum users do), then you already knew all this!

Fans that want to take their time traveling adventures on the go with them on their iPads don't have to wait too long as Back to the Future: Episode 5 - OUTATIME will be available in the iTunes App Store this Thursday, July 21 for $6.99! Don't forget that Episode 1 for the iPad is free until July 21 as well! LINK

If you're inclined to find out what happens to Marty and Doc Brown on the PlayStation 3, don't fret, Episode 5 - OUTATIME launches on the PSN (North America) on July 26! We'll keep you posted on a European PSN release date! 

So now's the time to catch up on the series and get ready for the finale, coming soon! 

Summer Sales = Stay Inside and Play Games All Summer

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

Who needs the outdoors, physical activity, sunlight, vitamin D, and the tan that often comes with summer when you can spend the entire time inside an air conditioned edifice playing video games you got for a song? Some of Telltale's more recent titles have caught the summer bug on a couple of our partners' points of purchase and gone down in price for a limited time! 


Get Poker Night at the Inventory for 33% off (that's $3.33 for the math-uninterested like myself) today! As well as being about the going price of lemonade from the neighbor kid's stand, Poker Night at the Inventory has also gotten a brand new Steam Summer Sale Achievement for you to unlock! Don't forget, Poker Night at the Inventory also comes with unlockable Team Fortress 2 items for your enjoyment as well! - LINK

P.S. The Telltale Games complete pack (all of our games) is only $49.99 for the entirety of the Steam Summer Sale. - LINK

PlayStation Network

From July 12 until July 19, the full season of Back to the Future: The Game for the PlayStation 3 is only $13.99 (or $9.79 for PlayStation Plus subscribers) during the PSN Summer Sale 2011! - LINK

You know what to do guys and girls, stay inside and play some games this summer! 

What Critics Are Saying About Puzzle Agent 2 and More

Posted on July 2011 by TelltaleGames

Puzzle Agent 2 has been out in the wild for nearly a week now and much of the video game media has gotten their hands on the continued adventures of Nelson Tethers - and they dig it! We've also unleashed a new "Making Of" video for Puzzle Agent 2 for your eyes to behold! That's below!

Here's what a few of the critics have to say about Puzzle Agent 2! 

Pocket Gamer - 8/10

They call Puzzle Agent 2's humor "genuinely laugh-out-loud funny" and have awarded the game the Pocket Gamer Silver Award

Slide to Play - 4/4

The folks at Slide to Play say Puzzle Agent 2's story "never fails to engage" and call the game a "must have".

VGRevolution - 8/10

They particularly enjoyed the Puzzle Agent 2's "charming graphics, talented voice-acting, music that plays on cue, and a witty script".

Blistered Thumbs - 9/10

They liked the puzzles so much they found themselves "looking forward to the next chance to test my wits as for the next amusing cutscene or moment of character interaction", suggesting readers to "Buy it now"! 

MMGN - Highly Recommended

They call the experience of playing Puzzle Agent 2 "one that will stick with you long after the final puzzle is solved".

What did you think about Puzzle Agent 2?

Last Day to Pre-Order Puzzle Agent 2 for $8.99

Posted on June 2011 by TelltaleGames

Guys (and girls) - Puzzle Agent 2 launches tomorrow, June 30 (Pacific Time business hours) so that means today is your last chance to pre-order the game and receive a free copy of the original game all for only $8.99!

If you haven't secured your copy of the Nelson Tethers' continued investigation into the strange happenings in Scoggins, Minnesota yet, there's no better time than the present. 

Puzzle Agent 2 hits the PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad tomorrow! 

Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Parts 4 and 5

Posted on June 2011 by TelltaleGames

As our snowmobiles near Scoggins for the June 30 release of Puzzle Agent 2, I present to you not one but two new entries in the Graham Annable Answers Your Questions video series! 

These new episodes feature questions from Telltale community members eloffler, Lobst, allaboardfilms, and Irishmile! To find out what Graham has to say watch the new videos after the jump! [readmore]

Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 4

Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 5

Don't forget, tomorrow is your last chance to get Puzzle Agent 2 for only $8.99 and have a free copy of the original Puzzle Agent thrown in for you, so be sure to pre-order

Watch Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 1

Watch Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 2

Watch Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 3

Back to the Future: Episode 5 - OUTATIME is NOW Available

Posted on June 2011 by TelltaleGames

Guys and girls, just like the title of this post says, the season finale of Back to the Future: The Game (that's OUTATIME for the unitiated) for PC and Mac is now totally ready to be plucked from our servers like an apple from a tree! (We'll have information on the PSN and iPad releases soon.)

So what are you waiting for? Make like a tree and get outta' here to download the finale.

Take the Back to the Future: Episode 5 - OUTATIME conversation to Twitter! Use the #OUTATIME tag when mentioning the episode or else face having your timeline altered or worse...erased

Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 3

Posted on June 2011 by TelltaleGames

Here's the third part in the currently ongoing Graham Annable Answers Your Questions video series, where he well...answers fan questions from the Telltale Games forums. This entry in the series features questions by chobits1 and Icedhope and Graham even reveals where the Grickle name came from. 

Watch and learn! 

Don't forget, Puzzle Agent 2 drops next week (June 30 to be exact) so be sure to pre-order the game and get a free copy of the original game included - all for only $8.99! 

Watch Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 1

Watch Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 2

Note: This video was taken directly from a Skype video call. 

Back to the Future: The Story So Far - Season Recap Trailer

Posted on June 2011 by TelltaleGames

The rad people at must have snuck into our offices after hours as they've gotten their hands on an exclusive new Back to the Future: The Game season recap trailer featuring new footage from Episode 5 - OUTATIME which launches on June 23 on PC and Mac (wait, that's tomorrow)! 

Great Scott, I almost forgot, time is running out to get the full season of Back to the Future for only $19.99, so if you haven't yet procured your copy do it now! 

Will you be re-playing the previous episodes in the series to prepare for the finale featuring Michael J. Fox as two characters?

Monkey Island on iPad - A Free Episode and a Full Season

Posted on June 2011 by TelltaleGames

Privateers that have made the iPad their platform of choice for their Monkey Islanding are in for a barrage of new content tomorrow, June 23! Tales of Monkey Island (or Monkey Island Tales HD in the iTunes App Store) Episodes 2-5 launch on the iPad tomorrow with Episode 1, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, going totally FREE until July 22! 

Now you can play the complete adventures of Guybrush Threepwood, the mighty pirate, wherever you go, be it the high seas or just a bus ride to work!

Tales of Monkey Island Episodes 2-5 launch tomorrow for $6.99 each! Episode 1 is free until July 22!