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ToMI Episode 1 is Freezing

posted by honeybeecookie on - last edited - Viewed by 145 users

When I try to walk down the sandy path to the forest (past the glass blower's) the game freezes and when I do Ctrl-Alt-Dlt and Task Manager, the game comes up as "Not Responding".
I'm running Vista 32 bit, 4gb RAM and a Intel Core Duo 2.5ghz processor with a nVidia GeForce 8700M GT graphics card. I'm on a Dell XPS M1730 laptop.:cool:

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, getting my latest graphic card drivers and Direct X, but to no avail.

Hope someone can help me, I've waited all this time for MI to come out and now I can't play past that bit!!! ARGH!! Help!!! :eek::confused::(

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