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will there be localized versions of sam & max?

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im looking foward to the next wednesday (release day!).

but i have a few questions. will there be any other language versions of sam & max? i am from germany and would appreciate a german version.

hope the download servers will be fast at nov 1st!

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  • Welcome to the forum. :)

    Right now we're focused on the English releases. We are definitely interested in localizing Sam & Max. We know there is a huge market in Germany (and other parts of Europe) for these games. It's very likely you'll see Sam & Max in other languages at some point, but for now we're still investigating the best ways to bring the games to these other markets.

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    i'm from germany too :D

    in my opinion the speech should be english.
    but how about translated subtitles?

    if you guys & gals @TellTale Games don't have time for this maybe there could be a fan-(subtitle-)translation :)

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    Hello Emily ^^
    nice that somebody finised it and will releases it.
    I´m from Germany to, and I will try to get a copie.
    But I don´t think to obtain a localized version
    because of will having the english version.

    Also some info for me, will it release as retail
    product or download-ware?
    I have no debit-card, and it´s not common
    under the junger men.

  • There won't be a retail version (yet), but you can buy the download version from our website from anywhere in the world. We take PayPal if you don't have a credit card.

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    [quote]There won't be a retail version (yet), but you can buy the download version from our website from anywhere in the world. We take PayPal if you don't have a credit card.[/quote]

    WOOHOO, I have PayPal.
    Because I have bought many thing form the USA at Ebay.
    Cool, thx for the info.

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    I've heard that the two "Bone" games are going to be released in Germany, completely localized, as "Bone Gold" or something like that. The price of €40 appears to be a little harsh, plus I've already bought the download versions... is there any way to "update" to a localized version?

    If not, this'll be quite frustrating, especially looking forward to "Sam & Max". I was planning on buying "Season 1" on Nov. 1st, but if there was a slight chance of localized versions, I wouldn't want to have to buy them twice... although I wouldn't want to wait either... :-?

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    There was a misunderstanding there, the price of Bone Gold will be 29 Euros.
    BTW, that's a good question, Laserschwert. ;)

  • It is a good question, and I'm not entirely sure of the answer right now. I have to find out and get back to you.

    I suspect that if we are able to sell a translated version on our website, then anyone who already bought it from us will be able to upgrade for free. That's what we intended to do all along. If we're not able to offer a localized version for contractual reasons, then we can't really give away copies of BHV's Bone Gold for free. :(

    I will try to find out about this.

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    Hi, I'm an Italian fan of Sam & Max.
    I want to know if you are thinking about an Italian localized version of Sam & Max... I speak a good spanish but not a good english and I hope that you are thinking about italian or spanish subtitles.

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi! I'm From spain, i love Sam & Max!! I know first option for translate a game it's a potential market.. I know spanish subtitles aren't first of translate list, english, german.. But if you don't want translate in some languages, please think in fan subtitle, bring to as a tool for do it.. It's cheap for telltalegame and win a potential market without any investment, that's all, thanks very much!! And thanks for Sam and Max!!

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