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I haven't really played the Bone games.
But seeing screenshots and movies, I noticed that nobody is smoking.

I loved the comics, but the smoking really adds to the atmosphere to me.
Especially the scenes in the pub.
I also think the smoking really defines Smiley Bone's character too, it gives it something extra.

Is smoking cut out or censored in these games?

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  • Smiley is seen with a cigar in his hand at the beginning of Out from Boneville, and Fone uses his cigarette butts to try to track him down after they're separated. So, the smoking is not removed in adapting the source material, but it's not underlined, either.

  • Ah, thanks for the answer.
    I was wondering what Telltale's take on smoking was.
    Especially since everyone's exaggerating the whole anti-smoking thing so much.
    Glad to know Telltale doesn't mind a little smoke. :p

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