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TOMI crashes...

posted by Anini on - last edited - Viewed by 174 users

The game crashes everytime I visit the doctor (within 1-4 minutes, during the dialogue), then i get bluescreen and my computer reboots on its own.

I tried:
- downloading and re-installing
- updating graphics driver and direct x
- lowering graphics resolution

Unfortunately nothing worked for me...

Windows Vista (German)
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2.5GHz
3327 MB RAM
Radeon HD 4870

What else can I do? :confused:

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  • When you redownloaded, did you try clearing out your browser cache? It may be that the game was redownloading from it's own temporary files. Another thing you can try is to turn down your in-game settings as much as possible for that one scene.

  • Now, after downloading the game the third time, i got it fixed.
    The procedure was:
    1. Clear browser cache
    2. Download game + install
    3. All game settings + resolution changed to minimum
    4. Loaded the savegame that crashed before
    5. Don't know what has done the trick, maybe i got lucky because it didn't work the first time i tried the "redownload - reinstall" thing...

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