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Where is it?

posted by Supagreen on - last edited - Viewed by 81 users

OMG. ppl have been getting their dvds since last friday and mine is stated as "has not shipped" why? i live in florida, fyi.

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  • Be patient. You probably ordered after some people who have already gotten theirs. Just because you live in Florida doesn't mean you should get it first. The people who had the good fortune to order first have the right to recieve it first.

    As a comparison:

    You - Location: Florida - Delivery Status: Item Is Back Ordered and Will Ship Soon

    Me - Location: Perth, Australia - Delivery Status: Your Order Has Been Submitted To The Warehouse and Will Ship Soon

  • You might want to send an email to about this. Your order probably should have shipped by now since it was sent to the warehouse on July 7. Someone should be able to look into it for you but the support team isn't as likely to see a post on the forum as an email.

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