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ToMI : registry values graphics levels?

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I'm trying to get past some graphical issues with ToMI running in Crossover on my MacBook. In the most recent Crossover version (8.0.0), all I get is a white screen, which prevents me from even trying to modify the graphics level.

There seems to be a registry key in "HKCU\Software\Telltale Games\MI Season 1" related to the level of graphics detail, but the values aren't straightforward to me.

I would appreciate if someone could post the value of that registry key for detail levels of 1 2 3 4 and 5.

Better yet, it would be great if someone from Telltale could post the full "decryption key" for these settings. Is the value used as a set of binary lags for various features?

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  • While I have not specifically looked for the quality setting, I beleive it is in the prefs.prop file. I beleive the registry value you mention will be used as a hint for the other episodes to start up at the same setting you picked for ep 1.

    If the game was working and you picked a value that is now causing problems, just delete the prefs.prop file in your documents directory. It will be rebuilt with the default settings.

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