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Graphical settings

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Hi there, I was wondering about the graphical settings option common across Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit, and the Strong Bad games.

I tried turning them all the way upto 9 and down to 1, and I can't quite tell which is the highest quality of graphics/lowest.

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  • As far I know it the same as SBCG4AP:
    1 - Lowest
    9 - Highest

    I personally would like to find out what each of the quality levels add, At a guess I would say the difference between 8/9 would probably be antilasing, and probably 8 would be low antialising and 9 would be high.

    Hope this helps!!

  • Well in SBCG4AP, the slider was mainly tied to anti-aliasing. In WG and MI, there's a *lot* more involved. I honestly don't know what each level provides, but it's various lighting and shadow and bumping and so forth.

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