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Personalized Point & Click or Adventure game

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 334 users

this might sound like a daft question, but does anyone know how to get a personalized point & click game, or is it a case of making it making it on your own?

cause ive got a concept idea,its slighty loosly based on Monkey Island although it hasnt got anything to do with pirates,but might be a case of getting a team...just like Guybrush would say "I need Crew, Ship and a Map" or in my case "team, Game engine and script" i dont mind doing character voices for it, since im an Actor anyway,and i can write the script.

i know most people must of had a crazy idea once in there life, but also crazy enough to follow them, and why not, you only live once, unless you believe in re-encarnation, but still we all have some sort of deam or amibtion

so any help guys?

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