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Been stuck for hours. Can anyone help? *SPOILERS*

posted by sallymander on - last edited - Viewed by 359 users

I have been trying to get out of LeChuck's cell after making too much noise in the governer's mansion by knocking over the plate of porcelain spyglasses. I tried combining the nacho cheese with the monkey head and it worked, but I can't figure out why. I also know I need to use the bucket o' snails on the Finicky French Patron, but he is just out of reach. I tried to use the grog bottle on my chains, but it's too weak. The Chicken with Eyepatch always steals the cell key when I ease it off the top of the Box of Gopher Repellant! And what's the deal with the Rubber-Chicken-with-a-Pulley-in-the-Middle, is it just an easter egg? Has anyone else gotten stuck here?

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