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Is it worth spending my time on?

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I want to get old, I know that sounds crazy. I want to become old, boring and settle down. I want to get a job, buckle down on college and fall into a mundane but stable and reliable life style.

Is going to play this game in my free time worth it, or is this something that will take up too much time and pander to my interests as a child would wasting my time? ;)

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  • It's episodic, so it's a lot more suitable for people with jobs, and busy lives. (:

  • Daft old pirate. :P

    It's only a game, and a fun one at that! If you set aside 5 minutes a day you'll complete it -eventually-. And there's no commitment so you can duck in and out when you please. It'll take about a month though...

    Hey, I just had a crazy idea...

  • Part of growing up is learning the ability to prioritize your time... if you have more important things to do, do them. If not, do in your free time the things that make you happy. Simple.

  • How much time are you trying to save exactly? Since it's just a single episode it usually takes me anywhere between 3-5 hours max to complete from start to finish while exploring all the options and having some fun instead of just powering through the puzzles.

    That's like one afternoon. I downloaded it and finished it on the same day. It was great! I'm not saying it was short though - it was just the right amount of gameplay to satisfy me. I'm looking forward to the next episode. I like episodic releases because it gives me something to look forward to and it seems to be a good business model for Telltale. It works.

    I like buying full games too. But waiting ages for them to be released years for Deux Ex 3 for example is boring. I'm quite fond of Telltale and the monthly game releases!

  • You have time to post on the forums but not enough to play Monkey Island...?

    Doesn't make much sense.

  • I had a few important things to do. So I completed it over a few days, playing for 15-30 minutes at a time. Took me a few days, but it was certainly worth it.

  • I'm so psyched about changing my life that I don't even want to sleep. I don't even want to play video games anymore, I started playing the demo and I just stopped. Something happened, I think my days of reliving my childhood are over, and I think I like the change. Have fun with Monkey Island guys, I think my Monkey Island days are over.

  • Monkey Island isn't as important as college or responsibility. Sacrifices must be made; responsibility is always the best option. Good luck with your life.

  • LOL... OK. But it seems to me you are setting yourself up for some hurt if you think playing a video game or not is going to effect your life's outcome.

    Just saying

  • @Irishmile said: LOL... OK. But it seems to me you are setting yourself up for some hurt if you think playing a video game or not is going to effect your life's outcome.

    Just saying

    Well my friend the problem is that I am almost 22 years old a virgin, have no friends, have no job and have no social skills. I sit at home bumming off my parents... Lately I've put alot of thought into myself and who I am as a person and I've done lots and lots of thinking about myself and who I am in life. I've realized that I've been hiding from who I am in life this entire time. I've been hiding behind interests and things I remotely enjoyed whilst not expanding and allowing any more for perfect growth. I was negelected as a human being as a child and teenager and I learned to negelect myself and act like some I'm not. My self confidence became all fronts and technqiue rahter than a appreciation for myself and who I am as a person. I don't even know who I am anymore, I can't take it easy.

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