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Inventory problem?

posted by jeditribble on - last edited - Viewed by 103 users

I got myself the first Bone episode, but I seem to have run into a technical issue.

When doing the chores on the farm, the inventory stops working. What I mean is that I cannot use the items anymore - if I click on them to use, or look at them, nothing happens. This seems to happen after I chop the wood.

If I restart and load the game, I can use the items again. However, if I save after chopping the wood, restart and load, most of the items are gone from the inventory (including the corn), but I cannot pick another one up.

Is this a known bug? (Sorry if I missed it on the forums.) I made the foolish mistake of not saving the game before getting to the farm, so I hope I don't have to play through everything in order to continue. Or maybe I am missing something, but not sure what.

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