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Are the episodes linked?

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Just played the demo of episode 1 and enjoyed it... think I'm going to pick one as my Monkey Island freebie but I wanted to know a) do the episodes follow on or are they standalone and 2) which one is your favourite? I've got my eye on episode 5 but I wanted to ask around first!

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  • They're only very lightly linked. The events of each episode are more or less self-contained, but there's a tiny bit of "Hey, here's a set-up for the next episode!" scene at the end and a "Hey, here's something from the last episode!" for a few seconds into the beginning. Nothing major.

  • Just barely linked. My favorite in episode 5 but I recommend starting episode 1 to know how puzzles work in the games then work your way up.

  • My favorite episode is 8 - bit is enough because of the final fight

  • buy the season or DVD for 35 dollars

  • Out the main four licenses that TTG use, Strong Bad is the only one that I think is not required to be played in order. I would say that my favourite is Episode 4, but I think Episode 5 beat it in a poll for TTG's best episode of the year (or did I just imagine it?).

    Having said that, though, I would still recommend Episode 1. I'm a big advocate of experiencing things in the order the designer intended. Unless you are really set on only ever playing one episode, then I think Episode 1 should be the way to go.

  • @StLouisRibs said: I'm sorry, but if I were in the posters position, you would have ruined the season for me.

    That's why its in spoilers:p

  • I think the first episode I ever played was episode 4: "Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective". I thought it was fun. I had never ever watched a Homestar Runner animation before that and never even heard of it. But it was so much fun I bought the whole season and also visited the Homestar website and watched all the cartoons on there!

    Why did I play Episode 4 first? Hmm. I can't remember but I think I got it for free somehow. Then, I think I was able to do the upgrade thing and get the whole season at the discount price. It's always better when you get a discount! That's how I know Telltale are the best.

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