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Different Control Methods and X360 Wireless Controller Problems

posted by Ratsneve on - Viewed by 127 users

I'm successfully playing W&G Fright of the Bumblebees and TOMI Chapter 1 Launch of the Screaming Narwhal on my Vista 64-bit PC. This almost surprises me but I am glad it is so.

There are a lot of new PC games that recognize and can use or are designed to use the Xbox (360) wireless controller. I tried the controller with W&G first and discovered all the functions I need seem to work but I'm not clear there is any advantage or is easier to use then ASWD and the mouse pointer.

I then tried the controller with TOMI and was disappointed because although it is a lot easier to move the character around using the left stick then the still difficult/awkward left-mouse the right stick to move the mouse pointer/camera around to click (green A button) doesn't function at all. I'm really not used to and don't like draging the left-mouse around.

All of these different games here and including Sam & Max too use different control methods. Please, please, please try to standardize them and please include full use of the 360 wireless controller too in the future. I know you aren't going to revise all your games to one standard but it would be sooo nice if the right controller stick could function as a camera to move the screen pointer around to objects one needs to interact with.


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