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Game freezes in Sam & Max 201, others

posted by bobhobbit on - last edited - Viewed by 154 users

I'm having trouble with Sam & Max episodes on this PC. After playing for a while, the game screen will just freeze, and the sound just repeats through the last second or so of what it was playing--I have to restart the computer to get out of the game. The freeze almost always happens when I am leaving an old area and going into a new one, typically if I haven't visited that area since starting the game. I had this problem with Episode 106 on the same PC awhile back (before I upgraded it), encountered it with 201 more recently (after successfully playing through Tales Episode 1).

I figured it was just my hardware--either the video card or the sound card being no good, since I've had similar problems with other 3D games. But I played all the way through Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1 with no problems, and also got through the entire W&G Demo without any issues. I let the W&G installer update my DirectX files, but still had the same problem with Sam & Max. So now I'm puzzled. Maybe something has changed in the game engine that is letting these newer Telltale Games work just fine? If anyone has any ideas or advice for how to stop these freezes in the Sam and Max game, I'd appreciate it. I'm tired of saving the game and crossing my fingers every time I want to walk through a door...

My system:

Windows XP SP3, DirectX updated by Telltale's installers
Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 (1.8 GHz)
Nvidia GeForce 6600 - 256 MB - 8x AGP
One 500GB hard drive with several different partitions
SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Platinum (not ZS)

Hopefully someone can help. Thanks!

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  • I know the memory management is much better in the newer games, and the type of crash you describe does sound like it's memory related. I think the first step is to try turning off as many background programs as possible, just to reduce the load on your RAM. I mean, a gig *should* be enough to run the games, but if there could always be something else going on here.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Another issue where you should try checking your memory.

  • I turned my graphics settings way down to 800x600, low quality instead of high, and did manage to make it through the rest of the episode. I'm guessing that maybe the low quality setting uses less memory because of lower-res textures, or something... Thanks for the tips! Haven't run Memtest86 yet but will do so soon.

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