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Its all a loop?

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OK, I've seen so many theories indicating that the MI saga will end where it once began; Guybrush surviving a shipwreck or something and washing up on shore on Melee Island with the urge to become a pirate.

The idea that history repeats itself with Guybrush, Elaine and LeChuck always finding eachother is a really cool idea.

Or.. What if its NOT a timeloop..
What if.. MI2 is the first game chronologically?
What if.. SoMI is the last game chronologically?
That would certainly explain Guybrush's sudden different looks in SoMI and MI2.

Ugh.. my head hurts.

Anyways.. What would you guys prefer if a twist that big-a-scale came across us;
Crazy timeloop or alternate chronology?

..Or do you prefer that it will be one linear, never-ending story?

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