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First episode of TOMI was published week ago and SMI:SE came out today. I bought both titles ASAP and I assume that many others did the same, so my question is which you liked better, a new adventure or remake.

Personally I like TOMI more, because of two reasons:

1. I like TOMI's 3d graphics more, while background art of SMI:SE is beautiful animation looks almost same as in original and takes time to get used to (I haven't quite get used to it yet, but maybe I will before I complete it).

2. TOMI is whole new experience, with SMI:SE I know the plot and puzzle solutions in advance, although I must say that plot and puzzles are still excellent.

Also despite the fact that I bought SMI:SE from Steam I don't like interface of the Steam launcher and would rather have bought it directly from developer.

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