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Fansubbing ToMI

posted by smashing on - last edited - Viewed by 113 users

After seeing so many threads from the non-english speaking gamers, I was wondering if there is any possibility for the die-hard fans to do a fan-subbing for the game.

What I am proposing specifically is this:

1. I will try to transcribe all the lines from ToMI episode 1, before the weekend, and post it here for cleaning up and input from others. (*hopefully the text-hooker software works for ToMI, else I'm screwed!)
2. The transcript can then be used by bilingual gamers to translate them into french, spanish, german, swahili or klingon.
3. After cleaning up, work either with TTG people or some programmer to see how we could fit them into subtitles for the benefit of the others.

With translation tools available online, the job of the bilingual gamers is really to check that the text are translated properly and do minor changes for it. Not sure if there are translation tools for klingon and swahili though.

Even if these are not integrated into the game (technical failure or legal issues), I guess it would still be much fun to do and kill time before the release of episode 2. Anyone game on this idea?

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