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How have expectations been matched?

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Hi there,

I have to confess, after the announcement of ToMI and MI:SE I was more keen on the latter than on the new MI story. Reason was 1) screenshots of the 3D scenes and 2) information on the control system - not pure point and click.

However, after playing the demo I was really positivly surprised - graphics is OK with superb animation (maybe Telltale could help LA with the animation of MI:SE :)). And control ist not yet perfect but neither a real problem.
Even being far too short for a real demo I bought the whole season (for currency reasons and the better deal I did not use Steam ...) and was really, really good entertained. I like the new Guybrush and all the other characters. Wit ist clearly MI and the story unfolds like a movie script. That's what I like. As a casual gamer the difficulty was perfect, never needed an external hint but also had to use the brain regularly @Telltale: I used the hotspot function but found out only by chance in the forum with a different topic. I missed a control setup page or have somehow overlooked it.

By the way, after finishing ToMI E1 I am now playing MI:SE - and like to think of the good old days of my first PC - a 386SX with 896 kb memory - and nights with Monkey Island 1.

So, how did Telltale match your expectations of ToMI E1?



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