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spoiler TOMI game crash at one place all the time

posted by kribbe on - last edited - Viewed by 140 users

i'm doing the part when you use the map on the altar in the jungle.
when i have looked witch way the wind go for the second time and i'm about to go left the game crash just before the next part of the jungle should show up

what should i do

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Reconstructible crashes at the same place may be caused by a corrupted installation file.
    Uninstall the game and choose not to delete your save games.
    Then make a clean download as described below, and install it.

    Deleting temporary internet files:

    Before downloading it again it is generally recommended that you
    delete your browsers cache/temporary internet files so that it is not loaded from there:

    In recent Firefox and Internet Explorer you can delete the cache/temporary internet files with CTRL-Shift-Del.

    In Firefox you would only select "Cache".

    In Internet Explorer only select "Temporary Internet Files".
    Uncheck all other boxes in each case.

    After installation check if the error still occurs.

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