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Tales of Monkey Island finale ideas

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As all monkey island fans know the monkey island games always end in some humorously bizarre situation; Weddings, Amusement Parks, etc... So what would people like to see for the finale of Tales of Monkey Island?

I think it would funny to have the end take place on a Dating show hosted by Stan in which Human LeChuck, and Zombie Guybrush, and Murray compete for the heart Elaine.

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  • I'd like an ending that wasn't weird or odd really. I have to say endings to Monkey Island games are probably their overall weakest point.

    I liked LCR's ending, but not again. Curse was too abrupt, the Monkey thing was very iffy. Secret's is good but the "instant replay" is a bit weird.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @TechnoGoth said:
    I think it would funny to have the end take place on a Dating show hosted by Stan in which Human LeChuck, and Zombie Guybrush, and Murray compete for the heart Elaine.

    Zombie Guybrush, eh?

    I'd want something more traditional and less anachronism for the finale. However, a Zombie-Guybrush-versus-Human-LeChuck-swordfight would be a tad too "Pirates of the Carribbean" for me.

  • I'm ok with some insult swordfighting vs LeChuck on top of a giant volcano or something.

  • I know this probably wont happen, but it would be awesome for the secret of monkey island to finally be revealed. I know they said they wouldn't reveal it, but maybe they just said that to avoid a crap load of pressure. As for the finale, I'd love a big showdown with the cursed cutlass of kaflu, and maybe some extra ingredients, but it would have to be special, so that it isn't a repeat of the beginning of chapter 1.

  • Epic insult swordfighting with LeChuck in an over-the-top crazy setting/location? Count me in!!!

    Seriously though, I'd love to do insult swodfighting with LeChuck... considering that he is the most feared pirate in the Carribean (is he, still?), I cam imagine it'd be really hard to win against him...

  • I miss scenes that scares the hell out of me. The finale of LeChucks Revenge was just brilliant: Solving Puzzles while being chased by the scariest LeChuck of all-time!
    Anyway, I hope the finale is a sequence packed with puzzles. The ending of SoMI was beautiful, but way too easy. CoMI was boring, in my opinion, and EfMI was arcade. An adventure shouldn’t end with not-adventure-stuff.

  • I don't mind arcade stuff that contains a puzzle instead of arcade skill.

  • I'd love to see this play out... more and more of Guybrush being taken over by LeChuck's evil. Personally I'd like to see him become mostly LeChuck-ish (maybe just Guybrush's cunning hair staying :D) when he gets executed. Then he'd somehow be able to come back to life as has been previously mentioned. Then I'd like to see a switch to the mostly Guybrush (but maybe just the completely digusting hair of LeChuck staying) Lechuck with Elaine. Elaine has at that point fallen in love with LeChuck and in the middle of a romantic scene LeChuck switches voice roles (and minds) with Guybrush, therefore showing that almost all of Guybrush has entered LeChuck's body. Guybrush in the body of LeChuck sees that he doesn't have much time to get the sponge because he doesn't want to be trapped in LeChuck's body. Move back to the body of Guybrush and see that he is mostly LeChuck now, including his voice and mind that has now changed. LeChuck realizes he doesn't want to be stuck in Guybrush's wimpy body and decides to also search for the sponge. A funny scene to lift the mood a bit could be them realizing they could read each other's thoughts. It would show their reactions, etc. A challenging puzzle would allow you to switch back and forth playing as both people trying to find the sponge until they meet up with each other and team up to find it. It would be really cool in my opinion to see two enemies work together. Eventually they find the sponge in the nick of time before the transformation is complete, etc.

    Well that wasn't confusing at all, was it? xD That's how I'd like episode 5 to go.

  • There are lots of developments of trust: you have to work with people you don't like sometimes across the series. Everybody's got a take on this Pox and the cure. The line between good-side and evil-side is not so strikingly sharp.

    From an interview with Dave Grossman that you can read there :

    So i don't know if you'll have to team up with LeChuck, but it seems likely that kind of things is gonna happen ;)

  • oh that sounds brilliant KEBSD! It seems like it'd be a bit DOTTish with the character switching.

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