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50% Off a Full Season! Click here to read! All available in the treasure hunt!

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Hey all!

Like OMG. I went through the treasure code input thing for MI. Pretty much, I wrote down the pictures of each eye/nose/mouth and assigned em a number. I then went through and entered stuff like


etc etc.

What I won was.... (codes)

50% off a single episode.
$5.00 off a purchase of 8.95 or more
50% off a FULL SEASON
Avatars (the same ones...)
Wallpaper of Voodoo Lady

So I promptly bought sam and max season 2, and I'll get Wallace and Gromit Bogey Man tomorrow for $5 off.

You can get this stuff too! Just enter the codes and you will win them. If I've missed any, tell me, as there are still 3 missing spots. I believe they're not coded in yet, but hurry up and use these things before Telltale realizes and puts a stop to it.

If I've missed one, tell me!

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