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Suggestion: Bigger font size in next Wiiware TMI episode

posted by edureboucas on - last edited - Viewed by 85 users

Hi, I'd like to suggest a bigger font size for the next episode of Tales of MI for Wiiware. Since the game runs on standard def TVs, the font suffers, and because of that, it's really hard to ready. I'd like to suggest and request a bigger font size for the next episode. I hope it's easy to implement, it'd make the game MUCH better since the sound tends to play off so low.

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  • I want bigger font sizes in the PC versions of all future games. I play from a distance with the 360 controller and subtitles on and it really annoys me that it's so small!

    At least make some options like: small (current), medium and big. It would help a lot because I am used to reading the subtitles since english is not my native language and sometimes it can be hard to understand some of the words from the voice.

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