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Help with treasure hunting please?

posted by Ezny on - last edited - Viewed by 155 users

I got the first two that came with but I'm having trouble with the others...

I'm trying to get the 50% off a whole season for Sam & Max Season 2, is that coupon still being given out through treasure hunter?

A couple times it said I unlocked a map piece but there wasn't one there. Then after a few more tries it unlocked OWCHEE but it said I already dug it up before I even started looking, and there was no prize when I looked even though it said I won a prize... :confused:

Could someone please help?? I just want to play Sam & Max S2 while I wait for more MI... Preferably at half off if I can. :)

Also how do I hide text so you click to reveal it on these forums? Can't figure it out.

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