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Unoffical Fourth Week of Entries (aka entries you missed out on submitting)

posted by Jace Taran on - last edited - Viewed by 91 users

I'm creating this thread to be an outlet for those who had created a line of dialogue for the Game Designer for a Day Contest, but didn't get a chance to enter it before they stopped taking submissions.

Obviously, these "entries" will be unofficial, and will have no chance of landing in the game. I just thought it might be good to at least share them, since it would be a shame for someone to have thought up a really clever line, and never have it shared.

Here is the one that I was planning on entering for this week (since I thought this would be the last week for entering):

"He followed me conversation in the wrong order! Drove me intern half-mad when she was transcribing it."

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  • As much as I respect Telltale for their excellent games and generally awesome customer service, I really feel like the "create a line" contest, fan crossover contest and the treasure hunting contest could've all been executed much better.

  • Fan crossover contest? What was that?

    But I'll agree with the other two.

  • @plrichard said: Fan crossover contest? What was that?

    But I'll agree with the other two.

    Thing with the pictures, genre mixing.

  • Yeah, I agree. Too many clever lines (as few as they were) were entirely passed over because someone who had created a not-so-good line had more friends vote for him. Still, it does say in the contest rules that TT reserves the right to override the popular vote and choose another entry if the winner does not meet their standards, so there is some hope that a less-popular but really funny line will actually win.

    However, whether or not the contest was adquate isn't the topic of this thread. Go to this thread if you want to voice your opinion on that matter. As much as I agree with that sentiment, I don't want to see this thread get hijacked.

  • Yeah I'd rather not see a horribly unfunny and dumb line sneak in. The PR snafu will last for awhile, the bad line will linger forever.

  • I posted these in another thread before I saw this one, so here goes:

    "He told me he was he was a mighty pirate so he could see my autograph book and signed over Dominic Armato's signature!"

    "He told me I should be the decorator for his ship because I have an eye for detail.... I'm blind!"

    "He swabbed my poopdeck... with a dirty mop!"- Someone else might have done something similar, which was one of the reasons I debated whether or not to put it up.

  • "Hez stolen mi idearz fer LOLcats!"

    I liked this one a lot-since I think LOLcats a frickin hilarious!

  • Actually, as I think about it, this thread is probably a better atmosphere for creating & sharing funny lines than an actual, official contest week would have been. The thing is, in a message board thread, you're not blinded by the chance to win/be seen, and can thus think more clearly on creating something genuinely funny. The thing with the contest is, when you're sitting there thinking of something to say, there's a powerful urge to bang something out real quick so that people can start voting for it immediately, but where here in the forum you don't have that. Here, we're just friends in the MI community, so it's a better place for such creativity, at least IMO.

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