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Monkey Island 2 Special-Uber Edition Interview (Alternative Magazine Online)

posted by martymcfly on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users

Hey guys, I thought after my Alexandra Boyd and Dominic Armato interviews I would try something different!

I have interviewed Hannes Appell, the guy behind the recent Monkey Island 2:SE youtube videos. He seems a nice guy and had some interesting insight into the story behind making them:

Thanks to everyone that reads my site, and as well I have made a twitter so that people can be kept up to date. Dom Armato is going to do a mini-interview after every epsiode I review hopefully, so the best way to keep yourself notified of this and more will be to bookmark the site and/or follow the twitter.


(Oh and btw, forum member GoT has recently joined the site as my first extra writer after I explained my plans. He has a book review up now for Robin Hobb's The Dragon Keeper which is very professional on the main page, check it out!)

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