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Evolution of LeChuck [Heavy Spoilers] [Go Away 56k]

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I hear some people talk about how Guybrush seems to have devolved from LCR to CMI.

Really SMI/CMI/EMI is a more logical progression for Guybrush than what we currently have. I feel like almost like there are two alternate character development timelines - SMI/LCR/TMI v. SMI/CMI/EMI.

Of course I love CMI and EMI so I'm not complaining about them per se as much as I am noting there seems to be a different approach to Guybrush's character that is (not necessarily bad) symbolic in the change with his appearance.

However everyone seems to ignore LeChuck in all of this. I feel his character evolution is more awkward than Guybrush's and more confusing.

Secret of Monkey Island: Original


I really feel like LeChuck in the original SMI is not up to snuff in comparison to the later games memorable. If the series had progressed to a different villain I don't think a whole lot of people would have been heartbroken over the loss of LeChuck. Fester Shinetop is more interesting than LeChuck because...well his original sprite animation looks anything but intimidating and he never seems very scary. He doesn't live up to the big backstory they give him. He doesn't fail MISERABLY or anything and he is very enjoyable - particularly when his head explodes into a bajillion pieces - but he's not quite there all the way yet.

He is focused entirely on marrying Elaine and Guybrush is an afterthought.

LeChuck's Revenge


Suddenly Guybrush's death becomes all consuming. Elaine is NEVER mentioned by LeChuck in any particular way. LeChuck is all "murder Guybrush" all the time.


I'll finish this later but my point is that it's really weird how LeChuck's character seems to devolve in CMI/EMI/TMI like LCR never happened. He's back to fixating on Elaine but his character in LCR had moved on from that phase.

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  • Yeah, but by monkey island 3, 4 and 5 he's obsessed about Elaine again, so it evens out.

  • It is indeed interesting how LeChuck has changed. I guess I didn't really notice myself - you pay more attention to Guybrush I guess. I personally think his LCR design is the best. CMI was a bit too cartoony and EMI made him seem less competent than ever.

  • @Fury said: Yeah, but by monkey island 3, 4 and 5 he's obsessed about Elaine again, so it evens out.

    Yes, but WHY? The character seems to shift and devolve from LCR with no explanation.

    And I'm aware of that guy's site. S'more like visual aids to a view of the character's progression. LCR v. CMI/EMI/TMI is where I was getting at anyway.

  • I love CMI and EMI but one of the few things I disliked was what happened to LeChuck, I prefered when he wasn't a raging idiot. To be fair, I think they ever-so-slightly picked him up a little in EMI, he had half a brain, at least, but he never went back to being what he was in the first two games.

    Maybe, when it comes to SMI and LCR, LeChuck has an obsessive personality and when he latches onto something it becomes all he thinks about. In SMI, it was still Elaine, as nothing else had really come up to get in his way (his death, maybe, but he just hurdled straight over that one). When Guybrush beat him, the obsession kind of switched over, temporarily, and maybe part of it was wounded pride. That someone had the audacity to stand up to him and manage to beat him, especially someone who is so pathetic in LeChuck's eyes, just sent him into such a rage that Elaine temporarily went to the back of his mind. Killing Guybrush first was the priority. It is a tad weird that he never mentioned Elaine, and if he'd heard about Guybrush and Elaine's break-up you'd have thought he'd want to throw it in Guybrush's face.
    Then after that, come CMI, he thought Guybrush was gone for good so his priorities switched back. Sure, he went back to Elaine pretty much permanently after that, but maybe he just realised that his love for Elaine was more important to him than anything else. In LCR, he was just *so* furious about being defeated, that, in that moment, nothing else mattered. After he calmed down, he went back to his original plans.

  • So LeChuck wants to both marry Elaine and kill Guybrush. I don't see those as competing motives, especially not now when in order to get Elaine he has to get rid of her husband. In LCR his motive to kill Guybrush was understandable, after all with the help of Largo he had just managed to resurrect himself and wanted revenge because Guybrush spoiled his plans. In start of the Curse he thought that Guybrush was defeated and he returned to his original agenda to marry Elaine.

    Sure they added new stuff to his background story, but still to me it seems that man has always had the same motive.

  • the point is, that there is a gap between the first two monkey island games and the rest. the first two were developed in rapid succession and mostly by the same crew. the graphics are better in mi2, but the style is mostly similar.
    in curse a new team tried to continue the plot from the second game, which was hard enough, but they also changed the style.
    everything became more cartoony, guybrush looked like a boy again and lechuck was no longer a bloodthirsty rotting zombie, but a loveblind fool. of course he killed more people in curse, than in the first two games, but in a funny way..

  • I completely agree with PK's descritpion of SMI's LeChuck.
    But, to Lola, i only partially agree with you. I don't think LeChuck suddenly became a complete retard in CMI, but it's true that they started to joke maybe a bit too much about him and he did start to seem more like a wanna-be-scary buffoon rather than like a truly fearsome villain. But still, even if it did hurt the character a bit, i think they got the balance right in that one : CMI was still serious and a bit spooky in its plot despite the cartoon feel, so they couldn't have the main bad guy do just anything to try and be funny.
    I don't even wanna talk about EMI cause i haven't had enough coffee yet to try and be objective, but He had definitely crossed the line between "true bad guy" to "Evil Idiot" (he wasn't even the actual villain).
    Can't say much about Telltale's version yet. This whole human LeChuck thing seems interesting to get something new out of him, now we just have to sit back, wait and see how this all turns out.

    But overall, yeah, although i think CMI was still a great game, i'd say it it started the fall not of MI but at least of LeChuck.

    Didn't Ron Gilbert state that he wasn't planning on bothering much with Elaine anymore ? Since she came back at being his main motive (LeChuck's, i mean), i wonder what Gilbert had in mind for him.

  • MI2 LeChuck did have some buffoon moments, bending over to pick up a coin only to have his pants ripped out by Guybrush for instance. However, he also had that whole "I'm an unstoppable killing machine" aura about him that made you tense whenever he entered a room in the tunnels at the end of the game, which made the bits like the pant stealing more a moment of respite rather than buffoonery, at least it did for me when I played the game. :)

  • Well yeah, but as you said, it was more little jokes than really part of his character.

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