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Hints & Walkthroughs: Could you manage without them?

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There are a lot of people on this forum who have played all monkey island games or atleast a few of them. I'm still playing most of them and I havent managed one yet without getting stuck (well, except for ToMI episode 1 of course).

The point of this thread is just to list the main places you got stuck in each game, or if you managed to complete the game without the slightest hint.
Feel free to list other telltale or old school lucas arts games that are appropriate to mention.

(Use this format:)

MI1: Opening the cake, pulling the nose on the totem pole (never saw it)
MI2: still playing but currently, stopping the waterfall and getting up the tree
MI3: still playing, Slapping the pirate with the glove, using wand on hat to get the ventrilouqism book
MI4: jumping into the lake to get the sutff, getting a prosthetic arm to get the termites

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  • I manage all the adventure games I've played, I just need to take my time. And fortunately, I prefer doing that. I don't really care if I'm stuck for a few days (although I haven't been stuck like that for years, so that may not be true today). I played through most of MI2 without a walkthrough back when it was released - I say most because I often did look for hints and walkthroughs in magazines (no internet at the time)- but I'm not sure if I found any I needed. I was young and inexperienced, and I didn't see walkthroughs and hints as "cheating". Today, completing a game with help from a walkthrough or hints gives me an unsatisfied feeling, so I keep away.

    I did use a walkthrough for EMI, when I was stuck on Monkey Island trying to make HT remember. That doesn't count though, 'cause I was sure it was a bug before I checked the walkthrough, and sure enough it was. I loaded an older save and then did exactly what I was trying to do that wouldn't work, only this time it did.

  • I try really hard to avoid using them-- I used to never use them as a kid, when I had little to no internet access. But now that it's easier I do occassionally check if I feel its going to ruin the gameplay for me via frustration.

    I generally avoid doing it with TT games, usually don't feel the need, but some of the wicked hard puzzles on other games I feel justified in checking. No way I'm reading an entire library of info to solve a puzzle-- I simply do not have the attention span for that. (But then, I sometimes have trouble watching entire episodes of even some of my favoriteTV shows because my attention span just isn't that long, so I may not be the best person to go off of. :D)

  • Well I played most of them when they just came out. MI 1 and 2 was pre what you have today with just looking up walk-throughs on the internet. Still, I prefer to play the games without any hints, even if I get stuck for days on a puzzle, and I'm proud to say I've finished all the MI games on their hardest difficulties without once looking up a hint. Puzzles are the challenge in adventure games, after all. I mean, I wouldn't like to skip a hard boss in an action game.

    It's been a while, so I can't remember all the specific parts, but the moment I was probably stuck the longest was MI 2, in hard mode, trying to get the fake grog from Kate.

  • I used to be terrible with walkthroughs and used them whenever I felt frustrated enough (this being when I was a kid), but now that I've come through some ridiculous puzzles in all sorts of adventure games that involved things like repetitive action, pixel-hunting, missed locations (argh...that happened in Sam 'n' Max Hit the Road) and combining everything with everything, I have a lot of options to exhaust before I finally give up. The last few times I've given up has been when I thought it was a bug / walking death.

    My older brother detests walkthroughs to the extent that if he uses one (e.g. to check if it's a bug so he can stop wasting his time) he abandons the game altogether, which is a shame because I think it's still somewhat of an achievement completing a game only having cheated on a few puzzles. It's still one heck of a good time, anyway!

  • @Nimeni said: I do occassionally check if I feel its going to ruin the gameplay for me via frustration.

    That pretty much sums it up for me. Playing a game should be fun, and while it's great to have a challenge, it stops being fun if it just becomes frustrating. I don't like to look up the answers, but I will if I'm stuck for a couple of days.

    The problem is that everyone thinks differently. While a puzzle may come easily to one person, another will take ages to figure it out. If I end up looking up the answer to a puzzle, I don't feel bad about having done so if I can ask myself "would I have thought of that on my own?" and can honestly answer "no". (There've been a couple times where I looked up something and thought "You moron, how did you miss that?") Which is why, I've actually enjoyed playing with someone else. My sister, for example, thinks very differently from me, so when we both sit down to an adventure game, she can usually get the puzzles I miss and vice-versa, and when neither of us gets it, we can discuss.

    As for what I've actually had to look up...Yeah, I had to look up the waterfall thing in MI2 (I think I'll avoid saying it outright and spoiling it for you, haha), and getting the map to Blood Island in 3 (yech!).
    ...and while I didn't end up looking it up, it took me longer than I'm comfortable admitting to solve the idol puzzle in the first one. (It was so simple, I didn't even think of it!)

  • Must... not... use... walkthrough...

    I try so hard =[
    Normally I can get by without them. I just really really don't like using walkthroughs. Makes me feel like I cheated. Which I guess it is.
    Besides, dragging out a game by a few hours/days/weeks/months/years isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • yeah i guess when it gets to the point where getting stuck has ruined the game and you stop playing, that's when you cross the border of refraining from using a hint or walkthrough.

    This is what happened to me in mi4 and i hardly got anywhere becuase i didnt know you could dive into that damn pond. I missed so much of the game and now i dont have it anymore and now i'll never get to play the rest of the game. Oh well from the responses on mi forums it seems im not missing much.

    @dragonsong12" said: and getting the map to Blood Island in 3 (yech!)

    Yeah you're right, people do think very differently because i managed to achieve this rather easily, but I never thought of trying using a magic wand on a hat?
    i guess this is what has made us addicted to these dames. if they were too easy we wouldnt still be hooked.

  • I prefer playing without walkthroughs. I try to only go to a walkthrough if I'm *really* stuck. Problem is, once I crack and do go to a walkthrough, it all goes downhill; I start to lose patience quickly & use a walkthrough more and more, until it gets to a point where I will run to a walkthrough almost as soon as a puzzle is presented.

    I played through nearly the entire season of Sam and Max Save the World before going to a walkthrough. It wasn't until a good way into Reality 2.0 that I used a walkthrough. It all went downhill from there, and I think I pretty much used a walkthrough non-stop to get through Bright Side of the Moon. Problem is, it didn't go away after that. I had to use a walkthrough to get through episodes 1 and 2 of Beyond Time and Space. :eek:

  • I usually use walkthroughs for other types of games. For instance Final Fantasy Tactics A2, on my second playthrough, I've been using a FAQ to check which weapon or job gives the specific ability I want. For one thing, I'd find it annoying having to try them all AGAIN, and for another, I figure I've already played it, so it's not cheating. It's as though I had written everything done the first time I played, except someone else did (Thanks, btw).

    Adventure games, though, I do feel reading a walkthrough is the easy way out.
    But... Since the Internet has been available, I can't honestly say that I've ever completed a game without looking for hints.
    I usually don't like when the answer is given right away. However, a hint allowing me to figure it out will still make me feel like I found the solution (with help).
    I don't think combining everything with everything and showing every item to everyone is particularly funny or entertaining, though. I see it as leveling up in RPGs: the annoying part you have to go through before you can move on to the interesting part.

    I agree with different people thinking differently, too. I much prefer playing adventure games with someone else and have never been stuck that way. It's a lot less frustrating.

    I guess the ideal game for me would be one challenging enough that I have to think about it to find the solution, but that makes enough sense that I don't end up solving it by accident. Because I have to say, even though I feel bad and disappointed if I look up a solution in a walkthrough, I feel even worse if I end up finding it by just trying everything blindly without thinking.

  • It was only on Sam and Max season 1 when I finally managed to complete a game without any exterior reference. I think it's the confidence of saying "I will get this, i just need time" and also the past knowledge of how some puzzles have been completed. I've never completed a MI game without help, which is quite sad, I think.

    SOMI: this was the first adventure game I ever played, so I needed a great deal of help. However i did manage to get onto the ship and begin to make the recipe before I even found out about walkthroughs. From then on, it got harder and I got worse.

    MI2: I've never had the patience to get the whole way through without some walkthrough help. Mostly with things like the monkey wrench and the party, but most of this game is just about solveable.

    COMI: I know this game so well now that I could tell you how to complete it like a story. But some of the puzzles on blood island really had me stuck. I remember getting so frustrated with the bloody spring bed!!

    EFMI: This wasn't nearly so bad for me. I only needed help a couple of times, i think perhaps on the chess game and then with the palace of prosthetics. Generally though, this game was quite easy.

    and then, my most embarrassing moment...TOMI: I just never thought of clicking on the pyrite parrot, so got completely stuck on the doorway. Apart from this, I breezed through. It was such a shame, and i so so regret spoiling it for myself now.
    However, if i manage to get through the remaining four episodes spoiler-free I will forgive myself. But only if I manage this. Then, tenuatively, and only then, I will be able to say I've made it through a whole MI game without spoilers.

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