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About the "Guybrush's wrongdoing" contest

posted by Voodoo Lord on - last edited - Viewed by 226 users

I'm gonna comment about the recent change in the contest, hoping that one of the Telltale guys will read it:

I really liked how you, the guys at Telltale, tryed to involve the fans into the making of the game, but this time I gotta say it was done awfully.
First you change the setting of the contest on the last week, flipping the finger to those who saved the best for last.
Then you put only the finalists of the previous weeks (most of which are there only thanks to spam, you can tell it by just looking at them) and your personal favorite, ignoring all of the others entries in the former top five, those who most likely got true votes.

Don't get me wrong, as I said in one of the threads in this forum I don't see anything wrong with you stimulating spam to your site and game through the contest, but at least you should have taken in consideration the other entries in the former top five if you were gonna do things in this way.
And last but not least, the winner of this will get his/her sentence in the game and his/her name in the credits, just because he/she won in a poor settled contest. But I wouldn't blame the winner, I would blame you for organizing the contest so poorly. I'll even say that I would like this contest to get cancelled or restarted all over again and done properly, if possible.

Let's be clear, that's doesn't erases(nor I am forgetting) the good work you've done so far, nor it erases your(I think at least) good intentions towards us, it's just that you shouldn't begin something you can't prosecute properly, especially when you put people hopes so high. And as you can see by looking around, I'm not the only one who got disappointed with this, so this may have even damaged your reputation among fans.

Don't take it as a whining or a tantrum, it's just a constructive critic. I still do want to see more of these contests, just do them right next time.

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