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Just realized...(proof of Monkey Island's mind-boggling success)

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The two biggest forums on TTG right now are General and Sam & Max, they each have over 40,000 posts. EDIT: Forgot to mention that ToMI is closing in on 35,000 posts already
I decided to calculate their approximate posts per day, and compare to Monkey Island forums:

General: 23 Posts per day
SnM: 32 Posts per day

And Monkey Island??

480 Posts per day.
That is more than every other forum on here put together.

Ridiculous, no competition.

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  • It would probably be fairer to to compare the post counts for the same duration.. e.g. S&M after 2 months of announcement/release.

    Im sure the MI forum will slow down once all the chapters are out.

    (I'm not saying that MI isn't a massive success of course!)

  • SnM has had 2 seasons, shouldn't it have had 2 such durations?

  • Monkey Island:SE selling 70,000 on XBox Live arcade is another good sign also :)

  • The Toothless Gibbon brings up a good point though. One of the reasons for the amount of Monkey Island is because there's a lot of Monkey Island going on right now. The Strong Bad forums are mostly dead, as are Sam and Max. The Wallace and Gromit forums are slowing down as all the chapters are out. This forum will slow down as well after Tales is done. However, I think it'll be more active "in hiatus" then Strong Bad and Sam and Max are now just because there always seems to be another poster coming along with their opinion on how only the first two Monkey Island games were any good, and how much the new Monkey Island doesn't meet their unreasonable expectation of their memories of the old monkey Island games.

  • @alexonfyre said: SnM has had 2 seasons, shouldn't it have had 2 such durations?

    To be honest, at the launch of Culture Shock I doubt a lot of people had heard of Telltale Games.

  • @Hero1 said: Monkey Island:SE selling 70,000 on XBox Live arcade is another good sign also :)

    I read somewhere earlier that Grim Fandango sold 100,000-200,000 in total, if that's true, "a good sign" is an understatement!

  • The reason the forum of TOMI is more poblated and active is just basically that it has a long history and past, that dates since 1989 (if im not wrong). And spans across two decades with a series of 4 games that 3 have been top notch. Sam and Max had Magazines before the game, and then the release of Sam and Max: Hit the Road, which it was an abvious success. But still Sam and Max has such a small legacy when u compare it to Monkey Island's success.

    The success of the latest two installments, should be measured in accordance to the success of the previous game. It will obviously help TOMI get TTG to another level. Thats my opinion. I believe the sales of TOMI will be enough to allow TOMI to make newer and better games than Monkey Island and even release em complete.

    I just hope that when i receive my DVD version of TOMI its released with all chapters together and not having to play individual chapters. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN. A game too good like that shouldnt be cut into pieces.

  • If you mean that the sucess of ToMI will allow TGG to make non episodic "full games" then your barking up the wrong tree. TTG is an episodic gaming company.

    If you meant LucasArts then it's a different kettle of fish.

  • I have a feeling Telltale deletes old and dusty threads..Still, I bet the MI series has a bigger Fan Base...(And I LOVED the original Sam & Max game)

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