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Multiple machine use?

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When I get a new adventure game my fiance and I play it together on a laptop connected to a bigscreen tv. Later, if I want to play the game again by myself I'll play it on my desktop pc. Can I still do this with the downloaded Sam & Max episodes or possible disk versions? I remember something about hardware imprints but I'm not sure if things have changed.

I hope that Telltale is going to bring about a revival of adventure games. I play both new and old games, but nothing makes me happier or holds my interest more than 10-15 year old graphic adventures. This is not just because I grew up playing them. Believe it or not I've just started playing Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars for the first time, I like it just as much now as I would have had I played it on its release day.


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  • I don't know the specifics of how downloads are going to work in Sam & Max, but with Bone you can play the game on multiple machines. I can't imagine that would change with Sam & Max. Telltale knows that people like to be able to play their games on more than one computer. (That laptop connected to the big screen TV sounds pretty sweet!)

    I agree with you about the old games. I replayed King's Quest 4 a few weeks ago and it was great. I have just as much fun with the older adventure games as I do with the newer ones (sometimes more fun!)

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