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Changing Username - New Site Problems

posted by The Tingler on - last edited - Viewed by 341 users

Hi there. I admit I'm not a regular forumite, but I am a regular customer so I'd quite like to sort this out.

Simply put, it started with me not being sure what my username was when I came to login on your new site. There are only a few possibilities and only a couple of different passwords, but none seemed to work. My e-mail is still registered, I just couldn't log on.

I asked to be sent a new password, which was duly sent. When I went to change it the Forum said I needed to log on, even though I'd just done so.

The little panel at the top of the page said I needed a Username. I thought I'd get to choose one - I clicked it and not much happened, save getting a tinted screen apart from a central box where part of the homepage was peeking through.

After backing up and logging in with my email, my username is now stuck as my email address! How do I change it back? And also, none of my previous Telltale purchases (the Bone games) are showing up on the Past Purchases page. What happens when I want to reinstall either game?

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