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A pricing error on TellTale's Part?

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I was looking at the season pricing for the Wallace and Grommit series, and I noticed something a bit confusing.

Buying all four episodes at once, in a pack, saves you 89 cents over buying them individually.

However, if you buy one, and then buy the season upgrade, you get the whole season for $29, saving you $6 over buying it in the season pack, and nearly $7 from buying them individually.

I was just wondering, because this seems to be the only game series on Telltale that offers this reward for upgraders, as opposed to people who buy the series all at once.

Plus, for anybody who has coupons, this would allow them to use two coupons, as opposed to one.

I mean, I probably shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I was just wondering about this.

Okay, I realized afterwords, I had another about the Telltale store.

Why can't people with the 50% off of a season code use it for upgrades?
Buying the whole season with the 50% code would cost the person $17.50.
Buying the individual episode, and the buying the upgrade at 50% off, costs $21.95.
That means that people who want to upgrade, who already forked over an amount of cash, want to pay a bit more for using the coupon on an upgrade, but their only option is to buy the full season at 50% off, and be stuck with the episode they already have.
That means they'll be forking over $26.45 for the season, as opposed to $17.50, or even the more preferable $21.95. I mean, it's still a discount, but why punish people for upgrading?
(Ironic that this is the exact opposite of the previous issue, in which people were being rewarded for upgrading).

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