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Having problems with part 2 of Tales of monkey island

posted by Silent Assassin2 on - last edited - Viewed by 99 users

I downloaded the first part it worked just fine finished it downloaded the second part this morning from steam now it says it cant load it? Ive tried removing them and redownloading but its still got the same error this might be steams fault though but im not very happy I cant play monkey island anymore:(

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  • email telltales support team. I am not 100% sure what the email is so i won't post it but i'm sure a little amount of searching will turn it up.

  • Do you actually get the season DVD when you buy from Steam?

    If not then it seems like a very bad deal to me.
    My Paypall bill for MI from the Telltale shop was €25,18 and I get the DVD for the cost of shipping at the end.

    Steam wants to sell me the MI season for €32,99.

  • @bobdevis said: Do you actually get the season DVD when you buy from Steam?

    Not a chance. If someone wants the DVD he or she has to order here.
    And I think this is a shame. I would really like to link my steamaccount and my telltale account to get all the DVDs.
    I even rebought Strong Bad here to get the DVD because I really want it. But I will not order it until the ToMI-DVd is released.

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