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Lair of the Leviathan - Speculation

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Right, well... let's keep all the speculations in here (haven't found another thread, correct me if I'm wrong)

Anyway, I think the next episode (or, the most part of it) will be set entirely in the giant manatee, where I think we will also encounter Murray

Guybrush and Morgan will probably bond in a way but because of the title of chapter 4, I doubt it will end well...

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  • i'm hoping that guybrush finds out that the parrot is cursed... and he can NEVER get rid of it... dah dah dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I think your right with Morgan and Guybrush.. I thought straight away that those 2 will get close and it looks like LeChuck and Elaine are too. But in the end Guybrush and Elaine will be together sailing into the sunset .. and will Morgan and LeChuck hitch up? I'm thinking so

  • One minor thing i'm hoping for is that, if the whole episodes happens inside the levithan (or in its lair, as hinted by the title), therefore being basically an "escape the damn place" episode, we'll get more of those kinda "meanwhile" scenes like the ones whith DeSinge in ep.2. I don't know, i just love those sequances and it kinda lacked in the first chapter.

    Oh, and LeFlay will turn out to be Largo LaGrande in disguise :eek:

  • I reckon Morgan will die horribly, but not until chapter 4 at least. I do think that Elaine will hook up with LeChuck, especially since she didn't seem to respect Guybrush as a person (I kind of got the impression she was talking to Guybrush like she would a daft dog, which leads me to wonder what their bedroom life is like...) in my mind, and implies a rather unhealthy relationship based around dependancy. Plus, they are both of the pirate persuasion, so it wouldn't surprise me for them to have a port of call in every port...;)

  • I can also see Morgan as the type of villain that will be redeemed along the way

  • elaine truly loves guybrush, you can tell. but i still think she'll be swayed by "nice" lechuck

    when she didnt go with him i was like :(:( guybrush

  • am I the only one who thinks the leviathan (or was that beast even the leviathan??) looks friendly??.... it looks like a huge seal imo.

    This could easily be one of the sea creatures taking the gang underwater to La Esponja Grande that is hidden in the lair of the leviathan. just transporting them in it's mouth as it were, and then spitting them out in the lair.

    Further more, I feel that Morgan has a crush on Guybrush ("but you're married to Elaine...") and will eventually turn out good in the end.

    I also got a funny idea about the Pox in Elaine... somehow it just seemed different on her (no actual visual pox and her eyes seemed different to the other pox victims)... Maybe it turns out she isn't really Elaine and the Pirate God (LeChuck???) has put some sort of spell on her.

  • The realm of the manatee is probably la sponga grande, and it eating guybrush is what was supposed to happen.

  • Dude, we heard/read you the first time. :p

  • We haven't saw the Leviathan yet , that beast was a simple ocean beast! I think that we will meet the Leviathan in the next chapter.

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