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Was it just me or was Chapter 2 REALLY easy?

posted by greenttentacle on - last edited - Viewed by 64 users

I found Chapter 1 much harder overall....

Perhaps it's because in the meantime i played the remake of Monkey Island 1...

Did anyone else feel Chapter 2 was easier?

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  • It wasn't just you I'm afraid.

    I finished it in about 3 and a half hours. Way to short, but very very very veeeery nice.
    I loved this chapter

  • it was pretty fun, I suppose.

    but far too easy, and too many little annoying errors, gross when TTG should've caught each and every one of those little things, if nothing else than with an "Update to 1.01" or something.


  • I too finished this chapter in some 3 hours. I'd really wish they would make a whole game. It's a little frustrating to work towards a goal only to get there and be greeted with a "to be continued". As well as only getting to play a 3 hour chunk and having to wait a whole month to play the next 3 hours.

  • I agree, I expected this chapter to be longer in general.
    I accepted the fact that the first chapter was rather short, just like all the first chapters in mi, but the second one was a lot easier (only had to stop and really think once or twice), and thus quicker to complete.
    It was in my opinion more pleasant to play though!

  • Yeah, much easier. Mainly because you were unable to sail to Floatsom Island. So there wasn't that much to do/explore really.

  • Well, it was MUCH longer in my opinion. It took me about four hours and a half, and I still felt like I rushed through. I mean, I got stuck several times and sometimes, I just stopped to admire the environs; Jerkbaits are totally picturesque. The island-hopping, the siege, the fight with McGillicutty... after getting the artefacts, I expected the end. And then, a siege. And then, a fight. And then... a rubbery mast! It felt like a never-ending experience. So guys, you've got opposition here. :p

  • yes was more or less easier ..

    it's short but it took me 8 hours or so .. I play slow and try all the possible dialog and object combination options.

    great opening .. weak ending though ..

  • I found it to be harder than the 1st one.... But still too easy compared to the old MI games.... If I was a newcomer I might have found it hard, but being an old-school fan... They should include a difficulty setting (like the one in MI2 and CMI)

  • I thought Episode one was generally better, from the reviews I expected episode 2 to be bigger and tougher but it definitely felt short and awkward to me.

    Still the humour was pretty good, a nice way to eat up three or four hours. :D

    And of course there will be stuff I missed on the replay.

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