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Insult Sword Fighting

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Spoilers I guess, but only for the first couple minutes of episode 2.

Anyway right at the start of the fight with Morgan the dialog tries to distance itself from insult sword fighting. From a gameplay standpoint this is great, we've all seen insult swordfighting, no need to make us solve the same puzzle again. This first fight was brilliant, the best puzzle I've seen in a Telltale game yet.

But still as a Monkey Island fan it made me sad to see it go. I've have been much happier if Morgan knew all of Guybrushes insults, and so was unbeatable normally, but every insult sent him round the ship (like the conversation options did). It would keep one of the coolest, most iconic elements of MI alive without messing with the gameplay.

Can we see a bit of insult sword fighting in cutscenes, to keep the tradition alive? Or is it as a theme being dropped to make these puzzle fights scenes into the plot more easily?

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  • I agree, the sword fight with Morgan has been the highlight of the series thus far but I'm also disappointed that TellTale is moving away from Insult Swordfighting. I believe they mentioned somewhere that they weren't going to do Insult Swordfighting at all in ToMI. I blame Monkey Kombat for this (as I do most things in life :D).

    Insult Swordfighting is something that's great the first time you play through a Monkey Island game but just gets in the way on repeat playthroughs so I can see why they are trying to out it. It's a shame, I was hoping for the next step in the evolution of Insult Swordfighting: Insult Haiku Swordfighting. Oh well, maybe next season ;)

  • All the insult-fighting in previous MI games were basically all the same puzzle.

    Learn the assault and comebacks form lesser foes. Then match the comebacks you have to alternative assaults.

    Unless Telltale has a Great Idea on how to evolve the puzzle, it will still be the same thing in a different wrapper.
    If that Great Idea isn't there, they can better just leave out the mini-game completely.

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