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Seige of Spinner Cay won't load!

posted by snotsnit on - last edited - Viewed by 137 users

I downloaded seige of spinner cay, and i was able to get to the launch screen. when i press the launch game button, there's maybe a 30 second wait, and then the game pops up, i see the loading skull and then the game goes full screen. it says that it's auto-readjusting the screen, the message goes away, and then the game freezes. i open task manager and it says that Telltale Games is not responding. i think that if i can get around it readjust the screen i could fix the problem. also, if it helps, i'm running on windows xp. and also, the auto-readjust screen says: auto-readjust 1280 x 1240 60Hz reccommended settings.

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