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ToMI: ep 2 shuts down when i talk to characters im the game

posted by WeWantsIt on - last edited - Viewed by 191 users

havent seen this problem in the forum yet. The game works fine in the swordfight scene, but when i arrive at the second island, the game shuts down if i try talking to people. The sound is horrible too obviously, but this is more annoying.
anyone else have this problem?

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Reconstructible crashes in the same place may be caused by a corrupted installation file. You should try downloading and installing it again this way:

    Fresh Download
    Uninstall the game and choose not to delete your save games.
    Then make a clean download as described below, and install it.

    Deleting temporary internet files:

    Before downloading it again it is generally recommended that you
    delete your browsers cache/temporary internet files so that it is not loaded from there:

    Internet Explorer 7: In the menu choose "Extras/Delete Browsing History...". In the resulting Window select "Delete files..." for "Temporary Internet Files".

    In recent Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 you can delete the cache/temporary internet files with CTRL-Shift-Del.

    In Firefox you would only select "Cache".

    In Internet Explorer only select "Temporary Internet Files".
    Uncheck all other boxes in each case.

    After installation check if the error still occurs.

    Update drivers
    If that doesn't help try updating your sound, graphics and chipset drivers.

    If it's still not working please give us some more information.
    Please start dxdiag:
    Windows XP: Go to your start menu and click on run. Type in "dxdiag" and hit enter
    Windows Vista: Press the windows key on your keyboard or click on the start menu. Type in "dxdiag" and hit enter.

    Now click on the button that says "save all information".
    It will prompt you to save a file. Save it where you can find it.

    Now you have two options to make it accessible for us. Pick the one that works best for you:
    [*]If you know how, you can zip the file and attach it to a message.

    [*] You can upload it to Rapidshare and copy the link to the file into a new message.

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