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Activation Issues

posted by el33tcapitan on - last edited - Viewed by 837 users

The activation refused to work for me (incorrect password) and I sent an e-mail using the Activation Support function of Sam & Max. About how soon can I expect a reply to that request?

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  • It took me about 50 min (I think)

  • Oh, that's not so bad. I'll just be patient then (even though it's REALLY hard to considering I've been waiting for a new Sam and Max game for 13 years!)

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    Hi guys,
    Jake (YOUR ADMINSTRATOR) said you guys could sort this out,
    I ordered the book posters and Sam and Max over $90.00, The Book is on back order so it looks like digitalriver is not going to release the game untill they ship the game...
    here is there story from them (E-Mail sent to me).
    Thank you for ordering on Telltale Games. Unfortunately, the product(s) you've ordered is currently out of stock and could not be shipped. The product(s) has been placed on back-order and will be shipped as soon as possible when the stock becomes available. You will receive another e-mail notification when your order has actually shipped. If you paid by credit card on our site, your credit card has been pre-authorized, but you will NOT be charged until the product ships. If you pre-paid using an alternate payment method, we will hold your funds until the product ships. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    Whats your story?
    Losing patience... and ready to cancel order

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    seeing that you , Or anyone else, havent responeded to my post i 5 hours i can only quess that YOU DON"T CARE.... Buyer BEWARE

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    Kevin Telltale Staff

    Sorry about the 5 hour wait. I know how annoying that can be.

    Even though your posters and book is back ordered, you should still be able to download and play the game. Please let us know if you are still having problems activating your game.


  • ^ Dude, do you know how swamped they must be with tickets and emails and people whining for the game (including me, lol!).

    They're obviously running around like crazy trying to get everything done. It's not a big company with tonnes of support, but they're giving it all they can. In most companies you'd be lucky to have any active people from the development team giving regular updates on forums.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    @vee said: seeing that you , Or anyone else, havent responeded to my post i 5 hours i can only quess that YOU DON"T CARE.... Buyer BEWARE

    Thank you for your best. :)

    Please write to and explain your problem. Someone will help you as soon as they humanly can. Writing to Digital River won't give you much help since, even though they manage the shopping cart system, they aren't the ones who made the game. If you have an order ID number (provided when you checked out of the shopping cart system), and remember your order password, you should have no problem downloading and unlocking the game from one of the many download links on our site. If that still doesn't help, write us at and Emily or I will sort it out.

    Sorry again about your problems.

  • Vee,

    I just looked up your order using your email address. It looks fine. There is no reason you shouldn't be able to download and activate Sam & Max right now. To download, go here.

    To activate, click "I've already purchased this" on the first game screen and enter your order number (4678632600) and the password you created when you placed the order. I just sent you a password reminder in case you forgot it.

    If you have any further problems with activation, please send an email to I have been monitoring that email address constantly and will continue to do so. It is a much faster way to get help right now than posting on the forum.


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