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Working with Intel 945GM?

posted by rishabh on - last edited - Viewed by 396 users

I have a 3 year old laptop running win XP with 512MB RAM and Intel 945GM chipset with integrated graphics. TOMI runs on this config but at extremely low fps. I'm a mac user and don't intend to buy another PC. Will increasing the RAM help the gameplay? I was excited when I had the game running but even at graphic setting 1 it is unplayable :(

I installed the game on my macbook running parallels as well but the game wouldn't start.

Any kind of help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • I didn't know you could get a mac 3 years ago with only 512 mb ram :O. Make sure you run the latest bootcamp so you get the most up to date drivers along with SP 3. I'd also say that putting osme more ram into your computer would be a very good idea, the thing with the integrated chips is that they use the same RAM. TOMI takes a lot of ram, last I had a look among my processes it was around 650 mb or so. I'd say upgrade your ram to at least 2 gig. The 945GM card is really crappy, but the min. requirements for TOMI is only 64 mb vram and directx 8.1 which that card should run alright. Don't expect any wonders though..

  • I think the graphics card is your biggest problem, not RAM.

  • I don't agree, since the user doesn't have enough ram to have all of the game in ram at the same time the game more then likely has to use windows swap files (virtual RAM for old mac users) which are always slow and cause a lot of lag.

  • I think you misunderstand the OP. His Windows machine is a crappy laptop but his Mac is a lot better and newer.

    Anyway, for ToMI on a Mac you need to forget about Paralels, VMWare or VirtualBox. ToMI is waaay to demanding for that kind of solution.

    You can try Bootcamp or Wine for OSX.
    You will need to google yourself to knowledge on how to get/use those. I am a Linux user, not a Mac head :) I know these options exist and what they do, but how to arrange them step by step I can not tell you.

  • My 30 month old day of Vista Premium release lappie uses that Intel chipset BUT I have added extra half mb of ram to installed 1mb and TOMI runs ok - I usually prefer it to run in Window so I can do other things also.

    I am amazed that TOMI needs more poke than Monkey 1-2-3 and 4, which run on all of my 'old' PCs.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    More RAM would sure be advisable for that notebook, especially because it is shared with the graphics chip. It might give you some more fps, but I would not count on it being enough for an enjoyable gaming experience.
    If you decide to try it you should first try updating all your notebooks drivers. Especially sound, graphics and chipset.

    I would rather try to get it working on the macbook though. You can talk to other macbook users and look at their solutions in this thread.
    I would suggest trying Bootcamp, because that way your windows has access to the real hardware and therefore it should be the fastest solution possible on your macbook.

  • ... I agree that you will need with that ancient Intel chipset-gfx low spec (just like my 30 months old vista HPremium lappie) need at least 1mb (mine's the might 1.5mb improvement).

    Funny how my previous 4 Monkey Island games run a treat on 6 yr old Sony Vaio 1mb (even when it was 512kb) XP desktop/the above-mentioned low-spec lappie ...

    IMO Monkey '5' should be programmed to run on same m/cs on which Monkies 1-4 run.

  • @charliestumpy said:
    IMO Monkey '5' should be programmed to run on same m/cs on which Monkies 1-4 run.

    yeah, and doom 3 should have been programmed to run on same pcs on which doom 1+2 run.


    btw. i guess you're talking about gigabytes when you say "mb" and about megabytes when you say "kb", don't you?

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    The Secret of Monkey Island system requirements:
    [*]IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or Tandy
    [*]640 kB RAM
    [*]VGA, EGA, CGA or MCGA Tandy graphics
    [*]3.5" floppy disk drive
    [*]MS-DOS or PC-DOS
    [*]Joystick and mouse optional
    [*]Optional AdLib and SoundBlaster support
    [*]Hard drive recommended
    Yep, I'm very disappointed that Tales of Monkey island doesn't run on this.

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