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File Compression? (no complains, more a suggestion)

posted by Cyphox on - last edited - Viewed by 108 users

I still wonder why such a bad (or should i say "low"? )audio compression was chosen for ToMI EP2 at first? Any answers?

Was it really the filesize? (Dont't say "Wallace & Gromit is a lot bigger, blabla", i'm sure tomi is downloaded A LOT more often than w&g, which means even if it's bigger filesize it causes less traffic)

What brings me to my little experiment i've done:

I've unzipped episode 1 + 2, and i'm pretty sure, that the ttarch-files are already compressed with whatever algorithm. BUT i recompressed both of them with 7zip (profile ultra) and it saved about 20mb of space for episode 1 and nearly 100mb (!!!!!!) of space for episode 2.

So if the filesize is really such a big matter for telltale (is it?), why not using a more efficient algorithm for packing files?

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