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Explain the joke

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Could someone please explain the joke: when Guybrush looks at the altar and says:
That golden sea turtle left quite an impression on this stone!
Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

I can only guess that it is some kind of a known punchline, but could you please be so helpful to explain to a non-original speaker

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  • I think it's not much of a joke, more like the fact that the golden turtle artifact left its shape on the stone altar, or in other words, its impression.

  • Impression has two meanings:
    - Impression - It made a turtle-shaped hole in the altar. It's like impressions in stone:
    - Other meaning: It impressed the stone. Like: 0:45

  • it's just a hint for another puzzle that comes later

  • @Dark Byte said: it's just a hint for another puzzle that comes later

    no, it's fine with impression. But why the "thank you thank you, i'll be here all week"

    i'm puzzled. It's not that i'm bad in engilsh, i just don't see the logic

  • Impression here has a double-meaning. You're all looking at the literal; that it left an impression of it's shape into the altar (except Novotnus; he got it).

    However, the line also refers to the common usage of impression as an emotional perception, as in "leaving a good impression on someone," or "I left a good first impression." It would be like saying, "That altar was really impressed by the turtle."

    Given that, Guybrush's line "I'll be here all week!" is a reference to something stand-up comedians sometimes say. It would be kind of like it they had inserted a sound effect of a rimshot (for those who don't know, a rimshot is a double beat on a drum followed by a cymbal, often done after a joke).

    So no, it's not just a hint (I mean, it is a hint, but there is a joke there as well).

  • Or, to sound it out: ba-dum tish!

  • He's making a bad joke and recognizing it.

  • pun (pŭn)
    n. A play on words, sometimes on different senses of the same word and sometimes on the similar sense or sound of different words.

    ^More official way of explaining what the other guys replied with.

  • @PariahKing said: He's making a bad joke and recognizing it.

    Yeah, they wrote this knowing that the joke didn't really work (because saying that the altar was impressed doesn't really work - there's a double meaning but only one of them fits the scenario so it's not really funny, just cheesy), so they added "thankyou, i'll be here all week" as a kind of parody of/homage to crappy, cheesy humour. "Thankyou, I'll be here all week" is a common phrase derived from when a comedian performs at the same club/venue for a whole week. It basically means "I'm acknowledging that this was a joke (usually not a good one)".

  • Yup, thanks everyone. Despite having had 11 on my EALTS, that moment really puzzled me.

    Another non-english-speaker-mindbreaker. What is the meaning of Guybrushes "Timm-boing" phrase?

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