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Wiimote Control Scheme - Glove Pie

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Hi there,
I just want to call attention to my thread in the ToMI-category about controlling W&G and ToMI with your wiimote :)
I couldn't believe nobody pasted his scripts in this forum, so I did that.
If you have a wiimote (and a bluetooth adapter on/in your pc) you really should give that a try.


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  • I gave this a try a while ago.

    And I must say it's dodgy at best. It works perfectly for some people, but fails randomly for others for reasons no-one can quite work out. And alas I was one of those people.

    I don't mean that as a knock against the authors though. They've done a heck of a good job just getting these things to where they are, and have done an excellent job of trying to do Nintendo's job for them in their spare time.

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