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Steve Purcell is selling a S+M Crew Jacket on eBay!

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UPDATE: Auction ened with the final price at $217.50. So, anyone here win?

An "unworn condition" Sam and Max: the Animated Series crew jacket is being sold on eBay right now by Mr. Purcell. It is an exceptionally rare item and I have only seen it appear on eBay once before and that was over a year ago. I have not decided whether to bid on it or not, but I figure either way I'd let everybody know. Here is a summary of the auction and an image.

End Time: Sep 06 at 7:00 p.m. PDT
Size: Men's Size Large - about a 42 chest
Starting Price: $125 + $12 Shipping
Auction Link Here


And for future reference, "Fishbones" is Steve Purcell's eBay ID.

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