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I just noticed we haven't got a film thread, pretty much state a film or two which you have seen recently and thoughts about it.

Inglourious Basterds: a fantastic return to Tarantino's style of old. Go see it.

District 9: another fantastic film, done in a documentary style, with some really excellent characters.

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  • I loved District 9 - it was just so different to any other Sci-fi movie I've seen in such a long time. It was so original and wonderful, and I left the cinema with a profound appreciation of just how shit human beings can be.

  • Is this topic just for theater only movies?

    Rope: A fantastic Alfred Hitchcock film I hadn't heard of before. It had some very good themes and a great plot, though the TV Guide spoiled it for me. But this is one of the few movies I've seen where you know the plot twist but you're still filled with tension. Hitchcock is really a great director. Jimmy Stewart was great and the acting was top notch.

  • Last two films I've watched:

    Ghostbusters 2: Ghostbusters never gets old. Never.

    Blazing Saddles: While it's not the best Brooks film, it certainly has some of the funniest lines. "What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?" :D

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    Darth Marsden Moderator

    The last film I saw, if you don't catch the brief snippet of The Addams Family I caught while passing by the front room, was Hancock, which I thought was pretty good until the completely random plot twist half-way through.

  • Short films count?
    "The Separation" by Robert Morgan.
    Reccomended heavily.

    I haven't really come across any movie I really liked in the last few years, though.

  • @Secret Fawful said: Is this topic just for theater only movies?

    Certainly not.

  • I went to see both D9 and Tarantino's Basterds. D9 was good - the movie itself wasn't that special, but the setting was extremely original. Very enjoyable. Also makes some interesting and perhaps quite accurate statements about our general behavior towards outsiders, no matter what the scale. Inglourious Basterds on the other hand surprised me tremendously. I saw the trailer and wasn't convinced at all. I expected it to be mediocre or pretty good, but instead it was fantastic! I love how well it caught me by surprise. And the praise over the Austrian actor is very much justified.

  • Alien Trespass - Just watched it. Man, what can I say. It's a 50's sci-fi B movie shot in 2009. The guy from Wiil&Grace plays a scientist and the T-1000 plays a redneck sheriff. If you like those old black and white movies, you might check it out.

  • Just been watching 28 Days Later again and it's still a brilliant film with a great cast (Cillian Murphy is just perfect) and an awesome soundtrack (especially the climactic, signature track). British film making at it's best.

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