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A qualified success!

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Nice first episode, guys.

If I had to say what I'd like to see as the series goes on, these would be the main things on my wishlist:

Ratchet up the jokes:
There are some good jokes in here but I only laughed out loud a couple of times. If you think of that that over the duration of a full-length game, that's actually a fairly good 'lol' rate, but since these are just little episodes, I'd love to see the jokes coming in thicker and faster. It's a tall order, but I think it's necessary for bitesize sam and max - come to think of it, it's probably why the 10 minute TV episodes seemed so hyperactive. By contrast, this game seemed a little slow paced for something so short.

Increase weirdness quotient:
Okay, hypnotised former child stars is weird, but in the world of Sam and Max anything is possible. But it does make sense to set the first episode in and around their neighbourhood so I'm hoping for weird and wonderful locations with weird and wonderful plotlines

Hold some stuff back! Please!:
One of the problems I had with the game is that I pretty much knew everything about it from the start, for two reasons. First of all, all the promotional material for the game pretty much gave it all away but secondly because by about 20 minutes into the game it was already pretty apparent that it was all about stopping Brady Culture's evil scheme, whatever it was. Sure, we've only got 3 hours to work with but perhaps you can find some ways to make sure that the plot doesn't show its whole hand right from the outset, and perhaps the in-game info can be kept a little more tightly under wraps so that I don't know all the locations and major characters before I get the game just by looking at screenshots and the website. I loved the game, but nothing surprised me.

And if you like you can make the puzzles a tad harder but hey, I just want to have fun.

Well done, guys.

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