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Strange Credit issue

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I bought Tales of Monkey Island about a week ago now. However, the credit card statement I was sent via email says that Telltale Games has deducted "$0.00" from my credit card.

This might sound like a strange Support Question, and in most cases I would agree. If I've been charged $0.00, I'm almost always happy for a freebie that is supposed to be $35. But unfortunately I actually care about the Monkey Island series. It was an integral part of my childhood and I can't help but relive childhood dreams today (not to mention hoping that my own children can also grow up knowing Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate *TM).

I want to support the creators of the game, so that they KNOW there are fans out there wanting a sequel, and then a sequel to the sequel, and then a sequel to the sequel of the sequel (ad infinitum). But if I'm not giving you money, then I'm not part of the fan-support, right?

If someone on the support team can help, that'd be great. I tried sending an email to Support, but I haven't had a reply yet (hence the post on this Forum).

Regards, Paranoid Android (aka, Robbie).

P.S - I have a notion or two as to why this strange conundrum might have come about, but I'm more interested in fixing the issue right now.

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